Quick Blast of Subway Savageness – Episode 010 – Tube Train Tear-up

Dat bitch be crazy
So die-hard Brainz fans may have already heard this one, but I thought I’d chuck it out there for the Tube Train ravers.

Traktor ran a competition to do a mix with their app on an iDevice and I had a shot. Ultimately I’m disqualified due to it being 3 minutes too long, but whatevs. It’s been on Mixcloud for a week or 2, but I thought I’d throw it up in the podcast feed for the takeaway gang.

It’s a quick 30 minute blast of randomness. Hopefully it’s up your street.

Big up


Track List

Polyethers – PY
Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden’s Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix) – C.J. Bolland
Benediction (Low Steppa Old Skool Flex) – Hot Natured and Ali Love
King Kong Riddim – Hybrid Theory
Standard Hoodlums Issue 1 – Zed Bias
No Diggity 2014 – Phonetix vs. Blackstreet
9TS (Original) – Redlight
Africa – TuffCulture
Deep Inside – Hardrive
Voices feat. Sasha Keable (Wookie Remix) – Disclosure
Beautiful Day – PVC
Hey Papi (Original) – DE$iGNATED & Pistol Pete
Let’s Groove – George Morel
What Would You Do (Bailey Remix)[Extended Edit] – City High
RunawayNu – Era
Bad Dreams – Vindata

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Bumpin’ It Up, Bumpin’ It Down to UKG – Episode 148 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ



This show was properly alright ya kna. Had a blast. Loads of fresh music. A slight stench of cheese in places. A boatload of savage bass.

Swallow it down and enjoy.



Track list

Fourflake – Power (Original mix)
Thology feat Maeve – Rabbit Holes (Matta remix)
Vacant – Victim
Kursa – Don’t (ft. Bijou)
Riddim Commission – WWYS (Why Would You Stop) [feat Eve ] (Taiki Nulight Remix)
Mak & Pasteman – Formation 131 (Original Mix)
Soul Urban Poet – I Love It (Light Work Dub)
Hype Kronik – Live Good
Carpainter – Without
Albzzy – 4AM
Yves Larock x EmptyX – Rise Up (EmptyX Remix)
Gilbino – Halloween
Blank Kanvas – M.U.S.I.C
Kiesza – No Enemiesz (Jauz Remix)
Mike D-fekt – Selecta
Jac Overman – Shelter
Becky Hill – Losing (Grades Remix)
Kove – VCO (Original Mix)
Smasher – Shout Out ft. Preshus (Original)
Matt Craig – Bacon Fries
Bass Adjustment – Feel As One (DJD Remix)
10 Below – Dreams Of Gass Club
TuffCulture – The Adventures Of He-Man
Jook 10 – Intense
Sirmo – Flow
SHIFT K3Y x Linden Jay – Crazy
Grades – Crocodile Tears (Extended Mix)
B1G PR0J3CT – Filthy Boots 12
Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (DJ Danjah Bootleg)
LV & Josh Idehen – Imminent (DeadbeatUK Remix)
Dan Louis – Memories
Majesty ft Anton Romero – Touch (Club Edit)
Hostage – Tryna
Mokujin Feat Mr Brainz – AM & PM (Original Mix)
Style Of Tigers – Separate
Saturn – Looking Glass
Earth, Wind, Fire – Let’s Groove (Melodi7 UKG Remix)
Pirate Jams – Turn it Around (Original)
Zombie Robot – Let It Go
BKWSK – Dance Dance We’re Dead
Breach – The Key ft. Kelis (2 Bad Mice Remix)
ASMR – Steam Machine

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One Foot Dick Slap Skankin’ to UK Garage – Episode 147 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

awwwwww yeaaaahhhh

Usual runnings this week, kids. Bare choons. Fat bass.



Track list

Odesza – Say My Name Ft. Zyra (Kastle Remix)
D-Base – When U Luv Me (2-Step Mix)
Ella Eyre – Comeback (Mike Delinquent remix)
Phonetix vs. Blackstreet – No Diggity 2014
B1G PR0J3CT – Filthy Boots 11
TRC feat Lily McKenzie – Closer
TuffCulture – So Good
Melodi7 – Saviour
Chiso The Addvoket – Till The Sun Comes Out (Light Work UKG Remix)
Donae’O – What Is Love (Mike Delinquent Remix)
Salaryman – The Days
Mike Skinner – Not Cricket
Moony – Ballin (original mix)
Rare Candy – Somewhere (rare roots mix)
Hard Rock Sofa vs Eva Shaw – Get Down (DJ Q remix)
Jade Marie & Ash Turner – Up In The Party (original mix)
Inkline – With You
Taiki Nulight – Discoloured
DJ Larbi H Break – Bass Off (original mix)
Dr. Oscillator – Cocaine
TuffCulture – Hench Men
Zed Bias – Shizam (feat. Stylo G & Scrufizzer) (My Nu Leng Remix)
Restriced Access – Stay (Dots Per Inch Remix)
Clueless – Posh (Ochtone Remix)
Louis Mattrs – Oops x Wus Good
Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back (Bee Q and Unique UKG Mix)
Cloaka – Junta
Otik – Fist Clench
Submeto – You Should Know Better Ft. Pretty P
Orpheus:ldn – The Journey (Outbound and Return)
Habstrakt & Badjokes – Miaow (123Mrk remix)
PY – Polyethers
Vindata – Bad Dreams
4AM – Wanted
Marriage Proposal – Down
Preditah – Bass Low
PVC – Beautiful Day
Jook 10 – The Beginning
Jayye Jackin & Dappa Dee feat Tory D – Let Me Clear My Throat (instrumental mix)
Tujamo & Plastik Funk – Dr Who feat. Sneakbo (TS7 Remix)

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UK Garage, Maybe With A Cheeky HJ? – Episode 146 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Cheque please

This week’s show was loud, lairy and intrusive. Get ready for some bass to kick the brown door in.

Why was I obsessed with HJs this week? I have no idea. But you get good music. So happy days?

I <3 Annie Adderall

Peace out


Track list

Trashbat & Clean Shirt – Keep Pushin’
Urbani – 5 Violins
Micky Slim & Wideboys feat. Lady Chann – Welcome To My Disco (UKG Mix)
Majora – Exactly (Flava D remix)
Bflecha – Mundo Bizarro (feat. Arufe) [DJ Q Remix]
Melodi7 – There’s A Rumour
Light Work – Burnin Obsession
DJ Narrows – Destruction of Sincere Island
Nu Era – Have You
The Cronton Pidgeons – Bukkake
Star One – King feat. P Money & Doctor (Conducta Remix)
AC Slater – Fifty K
Killjoy – Really Hot
Lady Chann – Sticky Situation
A Motion – Back In Your Love
Deezy & Embee – Pawnee
Skapes, SPX – Keep It Coming
A2C – The Hole
TuffCulture – It’s Over
Inkline – Mind Games
Kazumi Anzai – Mirage
Just Kiddin – Thinking About It (Youan Remix)
Gilbino – Head Hunters
M Dubz – Back In The Day
Wideboys vs Ruff Driverz – Deeper Love Reloaded (UKG mix)
Rich Pinder – Wondering (Bad Habit remix)
Eyes Everywhere – Marlon Bando (Wuki remix)
TuffCulture – So Special
Nu Era – Runaway
Frith – RIP
Nevermind – Slimer
Illusion feat. Sophie Cotterell – Falling For You (DJ Q Remix)
Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang (Artful’s Bang Bang Bootleg)
Matta – Flow
Brent Kilner – Get Nastie (Haremoor Remix)
Shaun Dean – Shaun Dean – Playing games (Original Mix)
Billy Kenny & Duo – Let It Go (Original Mix)
DE$iGNATED & Pistol Pete – Hey Papi
Kinky Movement – Two Minute Warning

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File This One Under F-F-FLAVA – Episode 145 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


Let me set your expectations high – this show was good. Had mad fun recording it and there were lots of faces in the chat for the duration. Bundles of fresh garage and bass to wrap your ears around.

Three compilations to NOT MISS – all free.

I’m letting you onto some of my secret weapons here! They are 3 albums you need in your life. ALL FREE.!

Until next time.


Track list

Lemolo & Minorstep – Knives
Davwuh – Return to Hong Kong
123MRK – Untroubled (Rhys Charles Freestyle)
Redlight – 9TS (Nomis ‘Back to 99′ Remix)
Craig Scott – I Need Your Love
TuffCulture – Holding On
Ameriie – What I Want (Greg Stainer Remix)
Kazumi Anzai – Dynamo
GL (Dub) – Unknown
Example – 10 Million People (Mike Milrain Remix)
Low Steppa – Sometimes
A2C – Let You Me (original mix)
Mokujin – 4 Me Baby
Lickrish Music feat Gemma Jay – Want You
Conducta – Make Me Feel VIP
M2J – Conga Crack
PVC – Beautiful Day
Mr Promo V Chabuddy G – Peanut Dust
Grimes – Skin (Sorrow Remix)
D-Pro Feat Phoneix Supreme – Workin
Mike Millrain – I Told You (Urban Myths remix)
Whiskers Po – Yes (Corporal F remix)
TuffCulture – Artillery
Paul Lawrence & Andy Garrett – Fire
Redlight – Set Me 3 (Native Mix)
Lojt – Playing With Shanks
Mark Stent – 96 Degrees
K4DJ – Back To The Step
Beatslappaz – Strong
Morato – Underground Courts & A Sleepless Night
Asa & Sorrow – Untitled
Calamity – Know My Style
Alex Metric – Heart Weighs A Ton (Champion Remix)
Cause n Affect x Preditah – Strange Signal
Wallwork/RZR & Ltd Colours – B2
Hostage – Winged (Original Mix)
Chemikal Recipe – Beg Stole Borrow
Anton Stranger – Straight To Your Head
Anna Lunoe – All Out (Kastle Remix)

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Looser Than A Caffiene Dialated Rectum – Episode 144 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Colon Blown Easy now. Back for another week of fresh UKG and banging bass. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t fully on point for this show and some of it was a bit loose in places. Hopefully you can see past that and enjoy the tuna.

Until next time!


Track list

Himalia – Get Higher
D3ADL1NE – They Just Don’t Know
Obeson – Give Me All Your Love (original mix)
Detz – Future People
Josh Mace – Buddha Monks
French Fries – Everything
The Attic Project – Aqoei (AMotion remix)
Shift K3Y – I Know (Bee’s Knees Remix)
B1G PR0J3CT – Filthy Boots 10
Moony – Lonely One
Phonetix ft. Harsh & MC Cobra – Losing My Mind (Extended Mix)
Fuse ODG (feat. Angel) – T.I.N.A (All About She Remix)
DJ Q & Flava D – PS
Tru Sub & MC-IC feat Daniel Walker – As We Roll (DJ Venum & Tru Sub Jackin mix)
Shy Dee – Tuff Luv (Killjoy remix)
Sunship feat Charlotte – Tell The Sun (Qblock mix)
Syneater – Rat-At-At
Raw Tactics – Does This Bad
Redlight – 9TS (Original)
Wilkinson – Dirty Love (DJ S.K.T Remix)
Kazumi Anzai – Quantum
Cause & Affect – Dimensions
Gilbino – Be With You
K.Green – DNA
NY Stomp feat Matthew Kirkwood – I Feel It Comin’ On (BassnDirt mix)
Trumpet & Badman – All Nite (DJ Q remix)
Wayne H & Jade Marie feat Swaggtastic – Wickedest Flow
D Funk – You Think We’re Stupid
Boodakid – You
Mokujin Feat Mr Brainz – AM & PM (Phantom Raver Mix)
Moon Boots – Don’t Ask Why ft. Kyiki (B1G PROJ3CT Remix)
Full Crate X Mar – Man x Woman (Friend Within Remix)
Greg Stainer, Scott Forshaw – Feels So Good (Original Club Mix)
Solu Music – Fade (Solution Mix)
Defkline – Push Dat (2 step mix)
Billy Kenny – Your Dreams
Petey Clicks – DO U
Benny Page Ft Assassin – Champion Sound (Light Work UKG Remix)
TuffCulture – Coming Home
Eric Prydz – Liberate (Lane 8 remix)
Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back (Special Request 48hr Session Remix)

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No Beef – Just UK Garage – Episode 143 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Friendship Howdy people. Not much to say this week, other than listen to some great tunes. So many bangers this week it’s a joke. Also, you can catch me THIS FRIDAY down at Wot You Call It at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, spinning 100% new UK Garage. It’s gonna be hench, so don’t miss out!

Big up,


Track list

Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (N Fostell 2-Step Mix)
All About She – Like That (feat Gita)
Colorhythm & BSN Posse – Music To Move Minds
Mr Dubz – Back For More Part 2 (Moony remix)
Mike Millrain – Love All Night (Urban Myths dub)
A.Motion – Chills
Donae’o vs Young Teflon – Oi Mate
Tigs – Everywhere
Impact Productions – DaMMe CoLD
M2J – Flying Saucers
Tessla – Hackney Parrot (The Cronton Pigeons Remix)
Woz – Trust Meh
Carpainter – Say The Words!
Prescribe Da Vibe – The Golden Dub
Mr Pud & Bobby S – Player
Mokujin Feat Mr Brainz – AM & PM (Original Mix)
Joe Macc – Solstice
Brent Kilner – Boomstick
ADjected Deleted & Utah – The Look
Crown Duels & Nu Era – Jump N Ting
DevelopMENT feat Jamie George – Hold On (feat Jamie George)
Verses – I Want U To Realise (Himalia remix)
The Renegades – Make Me Believe
Digital Pilgrimz – Yeah El-B (original mix)
TuffCulture – It’s Over
Waze & Odyssey vs R. Kelly – Bump & Grind 2014 (Extended Mix)
South Royston – Bad Format
Deekline – Not Forgotten (Original)
Tapok – Just Say No
Carpainter – Jubilate
Moph Man – The Way It Is
Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back (Shadow Child Dub Mix)
AndMe – Release Me (original mix)
Andrew Diggs & Fade Most – Neural Misplacement
TuffCulture – Africa
DJ Darko – Echo Sounder
Duo UK & Chantelle Rowe – Enough Of Your Love (original mix)
Nevermind – Heckno
Lokoh – Inside My Love (feat Olga Satsiuk)
Holloh – New Man
Tik&Borrow – Halogen
Hybrid Theory – Drop To The Max (Original Mix)
Jasmine Knight Vs Light work – Turn Around (Light Work Remix)
Kove – Love For You (Original Mix)
TimesTwo – Don’t Go
TuffCulture – What You Need
DevelopMENT – Here We Go Again
Mr pud & Bobby S – Lights
Sensproof – If They Were Right (original mix)
M.A.P – North West
Elo Method – Exhaust

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Savage B-Lines On The Central Line – Episode 009 – Tube Train Tear-up

nom-funny-pole-subway So it’s been over 18 months since I smashed it up on the tube train for you. Well, I fancied it this week so we’ve got a fresh Tube Train Tear Up for you.

Over the past 4 – 6 weeks, I’ve had so many tunes that I’ve not been able to play them all on radio. So I thought “what better way to give them a spin” than with a little commute mixing.

Lots of nasty bass for you in this one. Hope you enjoy!


Track List

Transcode – Ain’t Nobody
Suck Fake & Daniel Brooks – Movin
DJ Haus (UTTU) – Lets Get 2gether
Nicolau Marinho – My Wife Take My Life
Distro – Pinnacle
Millions Like Us – Poltergeist
DeadbeatUK – Rambo
Jay Robinson feat Tigerlight – The Ride (Night Version)
Tuff Culture – By Your Side
Stanton Warriors – Bring Me Down (Tony Blitz Dub)
Not Natured and Ali Love – Benediction (Low Steppa Old Skool Flex)
T. Williams – Dreaming feat. J.Bevin (ReRuff)
Hybrid Theory – Dredge
Dots Per Inch – The Future (Original Mix)
The Squatters – Hustlin
Flava D – He Loves Me
Shagos – It’s A Pity
Apexape & Chris Lorenzo – Listen Up (Original)
Kazumi Anzai – Teapot
Funkystepz – Twister
Ste E Erika – Never Gonna (Animist Exclusive Dub)
Sonder feat Krissy Twigge – Crysalis (feat Krissy Twigge – Moph Man Remix)
Craft – Hypocrisy
Sorrow – Screwface
Mr Promo & MC IC – We Got The Vibe
Shanks & Bigfoot – Sweet Like Chocolate (Bee-Q & Unique 2014 Mix)
Anushka – Mansions
South Soul Project – Dark I Feel
Notion – Bumper 2014
Catch 22 – Choose Your Destiny
John Legend – All Of Me (Tone2 Projekt 2-Step Mix)
Moda – Overflow (Garage Mix)
Dryman – Human Distribution (Allmostt & Dosage Remix)
Jay Robinson – Hyre (SPX Remix)

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Taking Down UK Garage Can Cause PR Nightmares – Episode 141 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Brainz Soundboot

So you may have caught on the madness that I caused for Soundcloud over the past 2 weeks. I got a LOT of coverage, and all I wanted was my account back. Read up on my story here. Basically – my advice is don’t upload mixes to Soundcloud. Stick to Mixcloud instead.

Speaking of Mixcloud – if you’d like to help support the Brainz, please vote for me in the Mixcloud radio show awards here. That would be jolly good if I won!

Big tunes this week. Stupidly huge show.

Big up.


P.s. Special thanks to Tom Merritt from the Daily Tech News Show for the coverage.

Track list

Soular Order – Drifting Apart
Anushka – Never Can Decide
Kove – Way We Are ft. Melissa Steel (Preditah Remix)
Light Work – Give Me Love
Wiley – You Know The Words (DEVolution Remix)
Hybrid Theory – Take Me Up
Jaded – Buss The Skeng
TuffCulture – Destiny
David Heartbreak – Rebel (feat Leftside – AC Slater remix)
Midas, Deekline, SIMM, Jason Laidback – Take Me Away (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Dryman – So Much Love (Merak remix)
JME – If U Don’t Know (Nevermind Bootleg)
My Nu Leng & Distro – Sleepless
DJ Narrows – The Portal
Matt Thomas – I Shit On You
Cause & Affect – The Inforcer
1point5 – 1000 Miles
Clueless – 2ting
Princess Nyah – Champion (PVC Remix)
Shagos – Sounds Of Da Shagos
Craft – Raw Dawg
Mr Breaks – Fucking Bass
Thec4 – Sweet Bass (original mix)
Millions Like Us – Luminary
Lxury – Company
Mercy – Bread Crumb
C4 – I Need You
Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci feat. Sanjin – Fresh (My Nu Leng Remix)
T. Williams – Shake That (Original)
Jess Glyne – Right here (Nu Era Remix)
Tone2 Projekt – Bass 4×4
Teebone, Sparks and Kie – Fly Bi (Mr Brainz Nu Bass Mashup)
Dangerous – Busta Rhymes (C Beats Edit)
Zedd – Clarity (Friday remix)
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling (Funkystepz Pack VIP Mix)
DJ S.K.T – Midnight Circus
Burnie – Neon Night
Sly-One – Centerfold
Kazumi Anzai – Compound
Hollow Legs – Grillin’ Me (Clueless remix)

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All I wanted was to keep my account… Soundcloud & Universal drove me to it

For the TL;DR version – read the original Do Androids Dance article by Nappy, or the ultra turbo version on BoingBoing

As featured on:

Do Androids Dance Mixmag BoingBoing TorrentFreak
And all these other places… (+) Techdirt Billboard Dancing Astronaut

So pretty much all day I’ve been grinning from ear to ear. It’s an evil grin. A grin of vengeance. I feel like I’ve stuck it to the man, and the same time stabbed one of my friends in the back.

I shared the story of my Soundcloud account getting cancelled over copyright infringement, and it’s gone viral. Searching Twitter for the words “soundcloud universal” at this moment in time is returning a constant stream of tweets talking about this. Facebook shares of all the articles covering this have gone into the 10s of thousands.

When I threatened Soundcloud that I was going to the press, I wanted this much coverage, I just didn’t think it was going to happen. And all of this has happened because I wanted to promote the music that I love for the artists that make it happen.

UPDATE: Soundcloud have now issued statements directly to Mixmag and on the whole ordeal, which read like a copy/paste from their terms of service.


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