Triple Pie & Mash UK Garage With Liquor – Episode 188 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


Yep. I banged two & two whilst on air this week. And it was amazing.

Don’t forget to add vinegar and pepper, bitches.



Track list

SYV – Grade (Original Mix)
Jello x Base10 – Woah Back
Frances – Dont Worry About Me (Billon Remix)
Jodo Kast & Mind Of A Dragon – Get Kloser
Deadly Habitz – Rude Boy Roll
Mike Delinquent Project – 2am
Conducta – Take It Easy
Chrystal – No Flex (Murder He Wrote’s Garage Flex)
Kazumi Anzai – Crystal Forest
Impact Productions – Sun Battles
Junior UK & Martin Carr – Take Me Away (Thorn Remix)
Sinden & Petey Clicks – Heartbeat
My Nu Leng & Flava D – Soul Shake (Dellux remix)
Lauren Neko – Moments Like This (Bad Habit Mix)
Dave Lucas ft Soozy Q – Your Love (Impact Remix)
Hybrid Theory – The Edge
Kazumi Anzai – Slippery Surface
Gilbino – Space Race
Fish – Rowdy
M.O.A.D – Made Up (TuffCulture Remix)
DJ Zinc – Bambambam
A2C – Breakdown
Leda Stray – Live (Doctor Nick Remix)
Swedger – Sketchman
Hybrid Theory – Selecta
Urbani – Quiet
Blenda x Joedan – No Sleep (MindOfADragon Remix)
Defiance – Hype Riddim
Mafia Kiss – Close the Door (Original Mix)
Stili – So Far Gone (Dryman & Soulcox Remix)
Common Underground – Go (Tigs Remix)
Gilbino – Breakers Delight
RYN – Feels Like (Nina Wilde & Abeyance Remix)
MindOfADragon – DilemMoad
TuffCulture – Asia
Tigs – Motivation
M.O.A.D.A.N – Fedora
Mij Mack – Jungle Ting (Original Mix)
Flava D – Bare Fields
MindOfaDragon – Bruva (Cellardore VIP)

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Could You BE Any More Garage? – Episode 187 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

You and me like mmmffffppprrr

Serving you up a large portion of Leng & Chips, this week’s show was a doozy. Had lots of fun recording it and as usual the chat room was on point.

Download it to your mobile telephonic device, pop in some ear buds and smash out the sounds of the Brainz.



Track list

MJ Cole – Bordeaux
Kercha – Finally (ft. Genoveva)
Meleka – Go (FooR & Thorn Remix)
Conducta – Take It Easy
Laura Mvula – She (Eagles For Hands Remix)
Azealia Banks – Desperado
El-B – Send Me Love
Granted – Tell Me (86deep Hard Vocal Dub)
Shadow Child Ft Tymer – 23 (Steve Brooke & Lee Martin ReFix)
Too Bad DJs – Alright
Wölfe – Wanting More ’94
Frances – Dont Worry About Me (Billon Remix)
Kazumi Anzai – Untitled160331
Kachina – Nightmare
MindOfaDragon – Limbo
Cellardore – It’s My Life
ScottSharp – Don’t No More
MiB – MiB Train
52 Card Pick Up – 2 of Diamonds
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Snapshot
Bass Trick – Woo Bounce (Sychosis Edit)
Walton – Homage
Millions Like Us – Poltergeist
Lucent – Reach Out To You (Jaquo George Remix)
MindOfADragon – Bruva
DevelopMENT – Dem Boy Sound
Palizé – Working
Wölfe – Without U (MindOfaDragon Remix)
Flow State – Bad Man Tune Ft. Tippa Irie (Mafia Kiss Remix)
Bushbaby – We’re Even
ScottSharp – Let’s Go
Hotfire – The Fuegs
FooR vs James Hype – Wait FooR Me (FooR Mix)
Nina Wilde – Yeah
Wilkinson – Take You Higher (Foamo Remix)
Plump Djs – Yes Yes (Hybrid Theory Remix)
MindOfaDragon – Crush (Cellardore Remix)
Simula – LVPK (Skepsis remix)
Sirmo – Hold On
Sunship – Cheque One Two (Cellardore 2015 Remix)
Pelikann – Bring On The Trumpets (Archive remix)
Leda Stray – The Oracle
Hankook – Energy
Midnight Phulin – Kill Dem
Riton (feat. Kah-lo) – Rinse & Repeat (Preditah Remix)

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Aubergine Emoji UK Garage – Episode 186 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Good Crotch Action

This one is straight up smiley face 100 banana for you. Lots of brand new music as always, but had a little peak back to some modern classics too.

Hope this one give you full purple aubergine.

Big up,


Track list

Maris (with Enigma Dubz) – Tuff Culture
Coronet – 1Point5
Spinal (original mix) – Speakerghost
Out Of This World – Himalia
Black Mamba – MindOfADragon
Skin (Sorrow Remix) – Grimes
Weird – 123MRK
Black Eagle – Smokey Bubblin B Vs Janet Jackson
Dreaming (Operator S Remix) – Kit Rice
Made Up – MindOfADragon
Let U Know (feat. Zilo) (Extended Mix) – Wilfred Giroux
Delirious – Brock
Can’t Let You Go (K-Minor Remix) – Mila Falls
Restless Soul – Todd Edwards
Your Love (Impact Remix) – Dave Lucas ft Soozy Q
Got The Urge feat. Stavros MC – Cellardore
Belong – Conducta
Nextbeat (AK Remix) – Kurse
All Night (MindOfADragon remix) – Conducta
Turnt Ones VIP – Killjoy
True Money (Murder He Wrote Mix) – Hypho
Brap – Tigs
Get Back – Holy Goof x Notion
Fall In Love – Scales feat Adana
Wheel N Deal – Sorrow
Felt This Way (Cellardore Edit) – Conducta x Notion
High Tide – Inkline
Bouldaz (Original Mix) – MJ Cole
Whiskey – MindOfADragon
Wanna Be – TuffCulture
Work – Micky Slim
Deezle Dub – Cellardore
Wot U Call It (Bootleg) – Vital Techniques X Wiley
Wurk – Clexxs
Touch – Skelecta
Lights Down Low – Jodo Kast
Bruva (Cellardore VIP) – MindOfaDragon
Squeeze – Deadboy & Murlo
Fools Love (Mind Of A Dragon Mix) – Bad Habit
Wheel Up – Radical DJ
Bridges – Document One
Down – Subranger X Elo Method

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It’s Raining Lengs! Garagelujah! – Episode 185 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ



Oh my days. You have no idea what you’re in for. A savage savage show this week. Lots of fresh music for you as per usual. You’ll find a large batch of brand new material the New Movement DJs. When you hear the noise we’re making, you’ll understand why brand new underground garage is where it’s at.

Hope you enjoy this one. I did.


Track list

Wölfe – Love Is
Janet Jackson – No Sleeep (Shadow Child Edit)
Wax Wings – First Time (Original Mix)
MindOfaDragon – Luv Wiv U
DaPa And Mr Warnin ft Laura O Neil – Over You (Charles Leonard UKG Extended Remix)
TC4 – Waves
Aaron Static – Rhodes Ting
RYN – Feels Like
MindOfaDragon – Made Up
EmptyX – 1234Rock
Wilfred Giroux – Let U Know (feat. Zilo) (Extended Mix)
Skapes & South Royston – Sound Of Our Soul (Fish Remix)
Griz – Stop Trippin’ (Louie Lastic remix)
Riton – Rinse & Repeat (Dots Per Inch Remix)
MindOfADragon – Bruva
Abeyance & Official Nancie – Don’t Let Me Stay (Thorn Mix) [Demo mix]
Granted – Tell Me (Mick James & Mike Millrain Dub)
Bad Habit – Fools Love (Cellardore Mix)
Kazumi Anzai – Retrograde
MindOfADragon – KickDaDog VIP
Tigs – Run The Riddim (Brock Mix)
Hypho – True Money (Murder He Wrote Mix)
FooR vs James Hype – Wait FooR Me (FooR Mix)
TuffCulture – Only Love
MindOfADragon – DilemMoad
Pete Graham, Ill Phill and Chris Lorenzo – I Love You So
Archive – Keep Guard
MindOfaDragon – Crush (Cellardore Remix)
Woz – Reach (Danny B-Line Refix)
Gilbino – One Finga Ninja
Isenberg – Mobb Deeper
Conducta x Notion – Felt This Way (Cellardore Edit)
Lavonz feat. Rusty MC – Sweeter Luvin’ (Pud & Dan Remix)
MindOfaDragon – Limbo
Doctor Nick – Barriers
Cellardore – Ruffneck Sound
Nina Wilde & DopeKidJay – Gat
MindOfADragon – No Sense
Craig David – When The Bassline Drops (Cellardore Remix)
TuffCulture – Wanna Be
James Mannion – Lifted
Seya – Mexicana Bounce (Bondax Remix)

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UK Garage Bigger Than A Baguette – Episode 184 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

giphy-downsized-large So it’s late. It’s really late. I know. But there’s good reason. My radio show is usually on Saturday. This Saturday though, we got to go to Rinse FM. And by ‘we’, I mean me and my New Movement pals. We took over for most of the show and shelled down the place. You can check the show out over on Soundcloud if you’re interested to hear the damage.

We also launched an EP. Plays are through the roof.

All in all, it was a good weekend.

Still, you need to know what’s going on with the latest and greatest in UKG, right? So here’s another instalment of Bumpy UKG with Brainz for you.

Big up


Track list

Tory Lanez – Say It (Funkystepz Loveshy Mix)
Toni Morreti – Gold
Kachina – Gangsta
Golf Clap & Mike Millrain – Forget The Past VIP
Bryson Tiller – Exchange (Moony UKG Bootleg)
Stormin Feat MC Neat – Bad Bassline (Ghosty UKG Remix)
Surplus – Do It (Boy Martel remix)
M-Dubs Feat Lady Saw – Bump n Grind (DKM Remix 2016)
Cellardore – Got The Urge feat. Stavros MC
Steve Smoke & Gourski – Donkey Punch
Jodo Kast & Mind Of A Dragon – Get Kloser
Aphasea – Flower Power
Joedan – Deep Cover
Doctor Nick – Barriers
Disperto Certain – Never Die
Alex Newell – This Ain’t Over (PVC Remix)
Paleman – Beezeldub (Hypho Remix)
Low Steppa – Drums Re Rockin (The VIP)
Jack Beats – Cold
Riton – Rinse & Repeat (feat. Kah-Lo) (Preditah Remix)
Riton – Rinse & Repeat (Save Link As Bootleg)
Nativ – Shifty
Karl Vincent & Tee – Warning
Pelikann – Thumpier
Sunday Roast – Bull Dog
Seppa – Cuff Link
Asa & Sorrow – Up To Speed (Ft.Trim)
Aloka – K1 (Original Mix)
Taiki Nulight, LO99 and Cause & Affect – Warfare
Mind Of A Dragon – Green Eyed
Moksi – What I Like (DJ Q Remix)
Skippit – Damage
Mofaux – No Sun
Wascal – No Holds Barred

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Grand Theft Audio; Criminal UK Garage – Episode 183 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


Trevor Spanked A Dude

Easy kiddiwinks!

100% fresh UKG for you this week. It was another fun show for me with plenty of rich, banging garage for your ears.

Programming note – No show on Sub.FM on the 20th February 2016. Keep an eye out for updates. There will be a mix for you, just not sure what yet.

Big up!


Track list

Greed – Arcane
Bunnie & Barely Royal – Ease My Soul
Versa – ATL Funk
Mila Falls – Can’t Let You Go (K-Minor Remix)
K-Lone – Crunch
Locklead – Diversity
Nuendo feat. Aston Reid – Sunshine (Thorn Mix)
Craig David – When The Bassline Drops (Solution Remix)
Matt Vinyl – Feelin
Ramsey and Fen presents Gabriella – Trigger (Original Mix)
Save Link As – Sexy Time
Tubz – Power Dub
Abeyance & Official Nancie – Don’t Let Me Stay (Thorn Mix) [Demo mix]
Kazumi Anzai – Anomaly
Joedan – Lower My Glasses (feat Mr Chiverton)
Conducta – All Night (MindOfADragon remix)
Tigs – Run The Riddim (Brock Mix)
Chris Gresswell & Keil Young – Kill It
Radical DJ – Mainstream Touch
London After Midnight – Brainbug
MiB – Break It Down (Impact Mash Remix) (Brainz Special)
TuffCulture – Midnight Safari
Tigs – Brap
DJ Darko – Girl
Sirmo – Soundboy (Libra remix)
Kazumi Anzai – Retrograde
MindOfADragon – Whiskey
Nu Era – Under My Skin
Bad Influence Music – Spoiler
Smithmonger & Mikito – MOJO (2Step Mix)
Bassboy Vs Kelis – Milkshake
TuffCulture – Falling
Sinden – Southend Rhythm (feat Bobby Brackins)
1point5 & GLVR – Brock 2000 (original mix)
B Squared – Fires Out
Inkline – Shard
Mikey B – I Wonder
Spekktrum – Electronic Music
TAIM – Blackout Blinds (Dosage remix)
Wölfe & Hypho – All U Need
FreeRange DJs – Rumble the System (feat. Cova Stirling) [PVC Remix]
Gilbino – Rock Nation (Breakers Mix)
Spekktrum – Behind You
Conducta – Vague
HyperJuice – City Lights feat. EVO+ & Jinmenusagi (3R2 Remix)

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Brainz Presents The New Movement Showcase – Episode 182 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Skank Out

So this week’s show was something special. I had some of my New Movement brothers in the house to take part in a sermon. The lesson was simple – New UK Garage will rip your face off and you will love it.

Big ups to Marvel, E1D, and Paul-E from Too Bad DJs for rolling through on a 2-for-2 flex. You’re gonna love this one.

Big ups


Track list

MindOfADragon – High
Lavonz feat Rusty MC – Sweeter Luvin’ (Lavonz Main Mix)
Cellardore – I Want
Nu Era – Release The Kraken
DevelopMENT – Type 99 (PVC remix)
Suck Fake – In The Hood
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Blues n Twos VIP
Petey Clicks – Feels
Wölfe – Love Is
Spekktrum & Spookz – Violate (Pavv Remix)
Hybrid Theory – Bad Bwoy
Bad Influence – Dirt Fest (Too Bad DJs Special)
Whojax – London City (DJ Q Remix)
KazumiAnzai – Submission
Cellardore – Deezle Dub
MiB – Break It Down (MindOfADragon Remix) [E1D Special]
Wölfe – Untitled
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Just For You London
Royal-T – I Know You Want Me
Mike D-Fekt – Wot
Moony – Ghosted
Joedan – Pacific Swag
Klient – Fragment
Nu Era – Warlord
Woz – Reach (Danny B-Line Refix)
I Killed Kenny & Skelecta – On That
Conducta & Notion – Felt This Way
Craig David & Big Narstie – When The Bassline Drops (Jamie Duggan & The Booda Refix)
B1G PR0J3CT – Hype Ting
I Killed Kenny – Force
Alex Parkin & Chris Lorenzo – Prove 2 U
Wissota – Alcoholics
Tuff Culture – Be Around You
Friend Within – The Sound
Mike Delinquent – Warrior
Jook 10 – The Beginning
Redlight – Source 16
Conducta – All Night (MindOfADragon Refix)
TC4 – Reboot
Flava D – All They Do Is Hate
Roll Deep – When I’m ere (Holy Goof Bootleg)
Too Bad DJs – Mint Tea Jam
Sunship – Cheque 1 2 (Cellardore Refix)
Orpheus:ldn – Cronos Eats His Children (Use Drugs With Caution)
Cause n Affect – Get To The Chopper
Riddim Commission – More Fire (Jay Robinson Remix)
Smokin’ Beats – Dreams (Low Steppa Remix)
Pete Graham & Ill Phil – I Love You So
MindOfADragon – Kick Da Dog
Low Steppa – The Redoom
Shift K3y feat BB Diamond – Gone Missing (Taiki Nulight Remix)
Hybrid Theory – Big Bad Wolf
MJ Cole – Bouldaz
Mike Delinquent Project – Party’s Over Here (Dubstrumental)
N ’n’ G – I Keep (Cellardore Refix)
Foamo – Rep Your Manor
Flava D – Home (Champion Remix)
Flava D – Changed My Way
Wölfe – Do Me Right
Nu Era – Source
Hot Chip – Night & Day (Dragon Remix)
MindOfADragon – Precision

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Batty Chirpse UK Garage For Whammers – Episode 181 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Rubber Dinghy Rapids Bro

This show will get you the fast track to the Rubber Dinghy Rapids, bro. Kicking off 2016 with the freshest of the fresh UKG. Also some cheeky classics fudged in for good measure.

Hope you’re all drinking and eating burgers. Dry January and the gym are for pussies.

Stay livid.


Track list

CUB – The Baddest (Inkline’s CHILL PILL Edit)
Arma – Drum Circle (Hypho Remix)
Kursa – Stentorian
Cup & String – Make It Rain
Footsie x Hybrid Theory – Work All Day
EVM128 – Dibbi Dibbi
TuffCulture – Addiction
MindOfADragon – Be True
Myron – We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Bump ‘N’ Flex – Got Myself Together (Cellardore Remix)
Gavin Turek – Surrender (Stranger remix)
Kindred Soul – Stay (Scott & Nick Remix)
Todd Edwards – Steal Your Heart
DJ Haus – Smell Tha Phonk
Kazumi Anzai – Nexus
Riddim Commission – More Fire (feat $tush) (Jay Robinson remix)
Distro – Work That
Nina Wilde & Abeyance – Hands Up
Shurk – The Prophecy (PVC Remix)
Taz – You Know
G.W.M – I Was There
Kidd Kool – Get ‘Em Up (Original Mix)
Wissota – Drop It Low
MindOfADragon – Black Mamba
TuffCulture – Asia
DJ Elski – Your Love (DJ Impact Vocal Remix)
Injustice – Get You
Rednek – Million In Gold
Dee Patten – Who’s The Bad Man
Domino & Phonetix – That’s Right
Taiki Nulight – Storm
Kovert – Feel The Music
Cagedbaby – Hello There (MJ Cole remix)
DEVolution vs Silk – Freak Me
Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel (Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B’s Old Skool Flex)
Golf Clap & Mike Millrain – Forget The Past
Brookes Brothers – Anthem (SCALES Remix)
Aftermath – WRPN
Little Mesters – Batty Chirpse
Kygo – Firestone (Marc Baigent & Element Z Garage Remix)

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Shutting Down 2015 UK Garage Style – Episode 180 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Boogy to the Brainz

What a year. Music levels were off the chain. So being the last show of the year I had to do a best of. First part of the show is my usual face full of brand new UKG. Hour 2 takes you into the Best of 2015, showcasing my favourite tunes from the past 12 months.

Wherever you are around the world, have a great New Year, and I hope 2016 brings you good fortune and fat basslines.

2015, shutdown.


Track list

Sychosis – Mine
Izzy Bizu – White Tiger (Doctor Nick Remix)
Carpainter – Mothership
Too Bad DJs – Recital
Joedan – No Stopping Us
B1G PR0J3CT – Cheeky Basstard
Low Steppa – The Redoom
Klipar – Shall Fall
Moony – I Still Remember
Craig David x Big Narstie – When The Bassline Drops (MindOfADragon Dub)
PVC – I Remember
Bad Habit – Wickedest One
Brand S – Reflux
Chris Lorenzo & Chris Lake – The Calling
Stranger – Prelude
Echoes & Knight – Creeper (Original)
Joedan – Blatent Murder (MindOfADragon remix)
PVC – Walking With Rhinos VIP
Joedan – Do U (Original Mix)
Prefect & Q45 – Fly High (Mike Balance remix)
Spekktrum – Ultrasonic
Justin Bieber – Mark My Words (MindOfADragon Belieber Vibe Remix)

Best Of 2015

Disclosure – Jaded (Jammer Remix)
A Motion – What You Do
Kissy Sell Out feat Holly Lois – Tell You (DJ Q remix)
MIB (Marvel, Impact and Biffa D) – Break It Down (Mr Brainz Duplate)
Conducta – City Breeze
Lido & CanBlaster – Superspeed
MindOfADragon – Crush
Billon – Nothing (Extended Mix)
C4 – Go Back (feat. JME)
N’n’G – I Keep (Cellardore Remix)
Izzy Bizu – Give Me Love (Tyde Remix)
Stanton Warriors – The One (Wuki remix)
Bad Habit – Fools Love (feat. Leighanna) – TUNE OF THE YEAR
Moony – What U Need
Bassboy feat Clarity – Rainbow
Preditah ft. Yasmin – Supernaturally (Extended Mix)
Jodo Kast – Start The Chase
Mr FijiWiji – Yours Truly (Aaron Jackson Remix) [feat. Danyka Nadeau]
TuffCulture – Fall
Lojt – Heaven (Brainz VIP Mix)
Shift K3Y Ft feat. BB Diamond – Gone Missing (Original Mix)
Kursa – Breaking
MJ Cole – Bouldaz (Original Mix)
Mike Delinquent Project – Warrior
Hybrid Theory – Touch
Kazumi Anzai – Slippery Surface
MindOfADragon – Mind Games
M2J – Rubber Neck
Cause & Affect – Get To The Chopper
Nu Era – Release The Kraken
MindOfADragon – Big Tings
TuffCulture – Artillery
Solo 45 – Feed Em To The Lions
Paleman – Beezel Dub (Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B Edit)
MindOfADragon – Mr Brainz Dubplate

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It’s a UK Garage Recital, it’s NOT Rectal – Featuring Guest Too Bad DJs – Episode 179 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ



Did I say 2 fingers? Make it 3. Hang on, you say it’s a RECITAL? Oh dear.

Catch my last show before Christmas playing plenty of fresh beats. This week I had special guest Too Bad DJs in the studio who threw down a live guest mix for y’all. They’re definitely on the vibe, so I’m sure you’ll be down with the sound.

Programming note – I wont be doing a show on Boxing Day. But will get a best of 2015 show in before the New Year.



Too Bad DJs at Brainz HQ

A photo posted by Greg / Mr Brainz (@mrbrainz) on

Track list

Himalia – Falling (Sieren Remix)
Aotoa – Rise
Anevae – Look At Me Now (Cellardore Remix)
Craig David x Big Narstie – When The Bassline Drops (B1G PR0J3CT 4×4 Remix)
Badjokes x Perfect Hand Crew – Straight
Impact Productions – Sun Battles
GTA – Red Lips (PVC Remix)
Bobsan – Happy Rave
Shift K3Y – Gone Missing (feat. BB Diamond) (Extended Mix)
Diplo & Sleepy Tom – Be Right There (Big Fish Remix)
Aaron Jackson And Free Fall – Changing Me (feat Megan Hamilton)
DJ Jayms – The Heist
Flava D – All They Do Is Hate (Hybrid Theory Remix)
Keez – Wubalish
Fish – Sin
My Selecta – Rolling Stock
Kazan – Smoke and Fire
TC4 – Baker Street
Kazan – Smoke and Fire
MindOfaDragon – KickDaDog
Mike Delinquent Project – Warrior
Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Hypho x Nuvaman Remix)
Bassboy feat Clarity – Rainbow
Fish – Calling (Killjoy remix)
TooBad Djs – Make Me Feel Good (MindOfADragon remix)

Too Bad DJs Guest Mix

Moony – M
Save Link As – Get Down
Too Bad DJs – Recital
Kameleon Project – Make It Real (Ruff Dub)
DJ Haus – Higher
Junior UK & Martin Carr – Take Me Away (Thorn Remix)
Digital (Mark One Remix)
Jodo Kast – Start The Chase
Joedan – The Vibe
DJ Zinc – My DJ (feat Ms Dynamite)
Chris Lorenzo – Scarecrow
Moony – Smoker

Xmas Spesh

DJ Q – All I Want For Xmas is Q
Omarion – Entourage (Afrodiziaks Remix)
Vato Gonzalez – Badman Riddim (Jump) (feat Foreign Beggars – Dem 2’s Late Nite At Mandy mix)
Robbie “Phonetix” T – Tuff Xmastime
Kastle – Time Traveler (Todd Edwards remix)
Maxwell D – Serious
Disclosure – Voices feat. Sasha Keable (Wookie Remix)
Tymer, Shadow Child – 23 (Original Mix)
Talkbox – MJ Cole
Artifact – I Won’t (Cry)
Bizzi – Bizzi’s Party (Booker T remix)
Florrie – Seashells (Preditah Remix)
Zoot Woman – Taken It All (Todd Edwards Remix)
Jammin – Go DJ
Wookie – Battle 2015
Banana Republic – Catch the Feeling (feat. Judy O’Beya) [Tuff Jam Dub]
X-Men – Yesterday (Dub)

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