Tarra’s Mix – 2005 Flashback – Episode 044 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Wassup muthatruckers? Sorry for the delay this week. You may be noticing a pattern emerging of every other week being a bit late. Sorry about that, but you’ll have to deal with it. I’m doing this for free remember!

This week, you’ve got some gurly vibes with some early 2-step. The track list was picked by a friend a few years back and I mixed it together for them. It’s an absolute cheesefest, but hopefully a pleasurable listen nevertheless.

Check it out, and we’ll catch up next week.

Take it easy Treacle Slit,


Visit for free downloads of some of the tracks from the show and more from DJ Brainz |
Track List

Jason Torres – Slow hand (Original Underground Mix)
M Dubz – Bump n Grind
Phase One – Nicole’s Groove
Sunship – Try Me Out (Chunky Beats)
Masterstepz feat Richie Dan – R U Ready
Marvel & Eli – Mr or Her (Whitney Houston – It’s not right but it’s okay)
2 Dangerous – Baby Luv
Restless Natives – I Wanna Know
702 – You Don’t Know (Reservoir Dogs Remix)
TJ Cases feat Kat Blu – Do It Again
Mark Ruff Ryder feat Special MC – Joy
Debelah Morgan – Yesterday (X-Men Vocal Mix)
Kele Le Roc – My Love (10 Below Vocal Mix)
Forces of Nature – Jessie’s Song [Tell Me]
DHL – Favourite Girl
Y-Tribe feat Elizabeth Troy – Enough is Enough
About 2 – Real Lovin’
Shola Ama – Imagine (Asylum Remix)
Monsta Boy – Sorry (Didn’t Know)
Frances James & DJ Face – Girls Can Play Too
Pretty Boys – Love Custard
Chris Mack – Plenty More
Colours feat Eska – What U Do (Stephen Emmanuel Remix)
K-Warren feat Lee-o – Coming Home
Gerideau – Masquerade (MJ Cole Vocal Mix)

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