Aubergine Emoji UK Garage – Episode 186 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Good Crotch Action

This one is straight up smiley face 100 banana for you. Lots of brand new music as always, but had a little peak back to some modern classics too.

Hope this one give you full purple aubergine.

Big up,


Track list

Maris (with Enigma Dubz) – Tuff Culture
Coronet – 1Point5
Spinal (original mix) – Speakerghost
Out Of This World – Himalia
Black Mamba – MindOfADragon
Skin (Sorrow Remix) – Grimes
Weird – 123MRK
Black Eagle – Smokey Bubblin B Vs Janet Jackson
Dreaming (Operator S Remix) – Kit Rice
Made Up – MindOfADragon
Let U Know (feat. Zilo) (Extended Mix) – Wilfred Giroux
Delirious – Brock
Can’t Let You Go (K-Minor Remix) – Mila Falls
Restless Soul – Todd Edwards
Your Love (Impact Remix) – Dave Lucas ft Soozy Q
Got The Urge feat. Stavros MC – Cellardore
Belong – Conducta
Nextbeat (AK Remix) – Kurse
All Night (MindOfADragon remix) – Conducta
Turnt Ones VIP – Killjoy
True Money (Murder He Wrote Mix) – Hypho
Brap – Tigs
Get Back – Holy Goof x Notion
Fall In Love – Scales feat Adana
Wheel N Deal – Sorrow
Felt This Way (Cellardore Edit) – Conducta x Notion
High Tide – Inkline
Bouldaz (Original Mix) – MJ Cole
Whiskey – MindOfADragon
Wanna Be – TuffCulture
Work – Micky Slim
Deezle Dub – Cellardore
Wot U Call It (Bootleg) – Vital Techniques X Wiley
Wurk – Clexxs
Touch – Skelecta
Lights Down Low – Jodo Kast
Bruva (Cellardore VIP) – MindOfaDragon
Squeeze – Deadboy & Murlo
Fools Love (Mind Of A Dragon Mix) – Bad Habit
Wheel Up – Radical DJ
Bridges – Document One
Down – Subranger X Elo Method

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