Bass To Kick The Brown Door In – Episode 202 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

That's hilarious and co

Boom! We’re back on dis ting with stupidly fresh music. Had 4 weeks of stuff to go through due to episode 200 related stuff, so we got a bevy of fresh tuna to reel in.

This one was fun. Hope you enjoy.


Track list

Equador – Bones Of Man (Himalia remix)
D2 – Rebirth
Priceless – West
Kachina – Hypnotize
Drake – Controlla (Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B’s Dub Edit)
Cadenza – People (Conducta Remix)
Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime (Moony Remix)
Barely Royal, Bunnie – Blessing (Original Mix)
Kazumi Anzai – Piranha
FooR – Soldiers (Dots Per Inch Remix)
State Unknown featuring Luke Towler – Awake (Mike Millrain Remix)
Karl Tuff Enuff Brown and Dub Jamz – So Good
Kazumi Anzai – Starlight
Sly-One – Dominate (Original Mix)
Mind Of A Dragon – Flatdub
Kry Wolf – Temper
Gribzy – Run For Cover (Digital Pilgrimz Remix)
CJ Reign – Da Hyper
Carpainter – Double Rainbow (Rework)
Brock – Give Me More
Prude leRude – One of Us
Smokey Bubblin B – Licence (Doctor Nick Remix)
Kazumi Anzai – Crustacean
Bruno Kauffmann & Barbara Douglas – Higher (Mike & Mick’s XR3i Remix)
Taiki Nulight – Salted
TuffCulture – Burning
Jawjii – Know What Im Sayin (Jawjii Remix)
1point5 – Seven Degrees
Crawford – Back Lanes To Beagle
Leda Stray – Break Like Me
Kazumi Anzai – Rotation
SMOAD – Mess Around (Orignal)
DJ Hybrid – Get Hype
AC Slater & Sinden – Pedal to the Floor
Pelikann – R.P.A.F.A (Negativ Remix)
Tigs – Piffin It
Gilbino – Dance With The Devil
Kazumi Anzai – Slippery Surface (Original Mix)
TuffCulture – Torn
WTS ft Breeze And Colette – The Drop (Operator S Remix)
UK3 – Together

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