Yes I Can Hear The Garage n Bass Clem Fandango – Episode 236 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Ha-whata-gwarn people deeple. Back again with another show. The backend of January has been a bit of a slow month for new music, so there’s lots of old (modern) favourites thrown into the mix on this one.

Hope it stirs your porridge.


Track list

Leah Lost – Runaway (original mix)
Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (Rude Jude Remix)
Lauren Neko – Moments Like This (Bad Habit Mix)
Royal Flush – Got My Self Together
Kazumi Anzai – Cinnamon
PY – Polyethers
Digital Pilgrimz – Stronger
Dion Timmer – Textacy
Lojt – Heaven (Brainz VIP Mix)
Flava D – Love Story
Music Box 3 Feat Pyrelli – Blanco Symphony (GGs Raw Diy Dub)
Audio Bullys – The Scene
Ayk – Shine (Brainz Special)
ScottSharp – Butterfly (ScottSharp Remix)
Smokey Bubblin B Vs Janet Jackson – Black Eagle
MOAD – Lemonade
Javy Groove – Dope
Mikey B – Love Me For Who I Am (feat Dakota Sixx)
Wölfe – Dragonfish
Tyler Clacey & MistaBasco – Neptune
Kazumi Anzai – Beehive (Context Remix)
Zemon – Peas and Potatoes (10sion Remix)
Dispel – Banter
El-B & Vandal – Hostile
Clarity – Run It
The Colonel – The Bees
Dryman & Denoir – Some More feat. Scrufizzer (Killjoy Remix)
Flatmate – Our Future
Zemon – Hungry Riddim (Original Mix)
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Broken Bones
Phlegmatic Dogs – Westcoaster
Volac – No Love (Taiki Nulight remix)
Dispel – Porno Shop
Daze Prism – Cant Be That (Original Mix)
Stush – Ah Me Dat (EVM128 & Xtra Brux remix)
James HYPE – DubZilla
The Colonel – Get Ugly
Champion – Running It Red (feat Shantie)
TuffCulture – Jekyll & Hyde
Purple Velvet Curtains – Many Mandem
Daze Prism – Shipwreck
London After Midnight – Brainbug
Duke – La Pandilla (Prod. By Jakebob & Lingerz)
Izzy Bizu – Give Me Love (Tyde Remix)

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