Garage n Bass PARTY! – Episode 302 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Hey gang!

Hope you’re all good. Had a fun show this week. Stick it in your ears and get your bum moving.

Big up


Track list

Double S & Sticky – Day One
5West – One Shot (Corrigan Extended Remix)
ManGo – Strikers Dub (YGG)
220 Kid x Gracey – Don’t Need Love (Swipe Left Swipe Right) (Midi Logic 2-Step Bootleg)
Shadow of Light ft. Lüna – Without Me (Impact Remix)
SubAtomic – Falling (2-Step Mix)
PS1 – Fake Friends (Midi Logic 2-Step Bootleg)
MPH – Loop33 (Original Mix)
Phonetix – Jamming
Tuff Trax – Runnin’
Yozhi – Look At You
Gary Esson – The Music In Me
Soulecta – Late Night Horns
Bassboy – Thru Your Mind (feat. Salo)
D:Tune feat Courtney Bennett – Trust No One (extended mix)
Tuff Trax – Missy
Matt Vinyl – Speeding Through The Stop Sign
Shosh feat Local – Champion’s League (original mix)
Minista – Get Down
Higgo – Mamacita (Original Mix)
Shagos – Apologise To Nobody
LZ7 – Sound Of The Weekend (Corrigan Extended Vocal Mix)
Sammy Virji – Spice Up My Life (feat. Paige Eliza) [Flava D Remix]
Logan & Kobe JT – Listen Up (Original Mix)
Bunka – Braaappp
Daze Prism – Header
Earthnut – I Feel U (Original Mix)
Soul Mass Transit System – Tryna Take My Man Away
Bailey Ibbs – Watch Dem (Original Mix)
Tik & Smuggla – 0800 (Zemon Remix)
Juma + Fork & Knife – Pattern It (original mix)
Bob Citrus – Desire
CB – All Night (Original Mix)
Kokab & Beatchild – Bottom Of You (Vital Techniques Bootleg)
Dr Cryptic – Party Party
Mintnite – Screamer
Zero – Barry White
Dr. Cryptic – Ussr
Hoda, Eloquin & Dread MC – Kicks (VIP)
Echo Knight – Lost (feat. Lo) (Negativ Remix)
Guau – Bad Dream (Original Mix)
Lucas – Sent Into The Dark
Javy Groove – Big Foot (Original Mix)
Burnie – Make It (feat. Phoenix Ho)
Nat Slater – Every Weekend

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