Garage n Bass To Burn Those Calories – Episode 303 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Hey gang!

This show was a lot of fun. I also turned it into workout, so the video will be a bit of a horror show. Hope you enjoy the music, at least!

Nice one


Track list

Safiyyah – You Again (TAMBALA remix)
Ollie Weeks & Andre Espeut – Only You (original mix)
PZP – Sunshine (SubAtomic Remix)
Miraa May x Haile – Say Yeah (Midi Logic 2-Step Remix)
Drinks On Me – On Your Mind (Original Mix)
Level Up! & K-Kyoto – Feeling Lovely (EPIC & BASS 2step Remix)
Xone White – Back Home (Tengista Remix)
Phonetix – Got The Tea Towel
TRC feat Miss Kai Ryder – 143 (MoreNight remix)
Billy Russo – What U Got
Farr – Paranoid (Shift K3Y remix)
LVNDLXRD – Must Be Luv
Eva – Touch Me (Flava D remix)
Baeka – We Have The Dreams (original mix)
Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon – Wrapped Up
No F in Irony – No F in Irony (No F in Impact Remix)
Rubi Dan – Rich (Blakk Habit Remix)
Nivea – Parking Lot (Reign’s Bumpy Weekend Dub)
Phono-Vibez – Silly
Mattik – Busta Dub
Minista & Yemi – Go Deep (original mix)
AJ Tracey – West Ten (Nu Garage Collective Radio Edit)
Tuff Trax – Ruffboy
Sampladelic – Jesus
Majestic – Bodywork (Todd Edwards vocal remix)
Yemi x Yozhi – Can’t Stop
Lewis Taylor – Picking It Up
Soulecta – Whatcha Want
Kitson – Keyz
Alex Mills – Always Gonna Be (SubAtomic UK Garage Remix)
Candimind – Missing Myself (Original Mix)
Bru-C, Simula & Shapes – You & I (Shapes remix)
Soul Mass Transit System – Slapcrack
Matt Wills – X-Wing Thing (Original Mix)
Murder He Wrote feat. Logan – Worthwhile VIP
Bakey – Limit
Juma + Fork & Knife – Pattern It (MPH remix)
Bowser – Want To Be Free (Original Mix)
Varski x Proper Tings feat. Local – I Need You
Echo Knight – Lost (feat. Lo)
A2Z – M.A.D
P A R T I K L – Keepin It
Tengu & Dread Mc – Infected (Digital Koala remix)
Wheeto – Games
KegOne – Let You Get To Me
Dan Miles – Salt Riddim
Bailey Ibbs – Mine
Skope – Jaded
Astronata – Survive

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