Pump Up The Garage n Bass – Episode 364 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Phuck it’s COLD. Bring back the warm. Please!

2 shows till Xmas. Where did 2022 go?


Track list

A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again (Lo5ive Edit)
Noxive – Remember
BWK Project – Started
Tommy Genesis – A Woman Is A God (Caru Remix)
Westcliffe – However
Mark Krupp x 1-555 x RaveDealer – Искрами (Iskrami) [Extended mix]
Adam Kronik – Chemistry
Queen Jo – Payback
2Sleep – Love Me Like
Shadow of Light x Charlie Sanderson x JMac – Nothing To Lose
Maya Jane Coles ft. Moxie Knox – Freefall (ZeroFG Remix)
DJ Pencil & The Cut Up Boys – Vibin (feat. Gemma Louise)
Anonymous Dubs – I Wanna Come Home
piri & tommy – easy (Original Mix)
Mar’One – Kung Fu (Dub) (Extended)
DJ Jackum – Gone
Spiller – Groovejet (Tripleset Edit)
Scruz – Mash It (Topper Top Version)
Oppidan – Lakitu
Ettu – Free Ur Love
Janet Jackson – Feedback (PK Special)
Sam Binga & Redders – Oh My Gosh (Gemi Remix)
Kanetaker – Going
Badger – Misunderstood
Hatewine & Pauzit – Crazy
Scruz – Party Rock Dub
Pavane – Bills
Minista – The Duduk (RWB Remix)
Bowser – Rewind
Hockins – Shuttle Mark
Casnova – Informa Dub
Ardstepz – Killa
Hankook & DJ Tortu – Bass Noisy
CLB – And Again VIP
Fork & Knife – Brickwork
Dominus & Riko Dan – Just Like This
Tuff Culture – Bedroom Party
Qlank – The Count
Digital Koala and Miss Baas – Come Fi Rave
MPH – Doubt (Original Mix)
Zero & Logan_olm – Party Right
Destroyers & DJ Tortu – Flux
Daze Prism – Check
Rob Evans – Bring Me Back
Tz – Stranger
Dusky – Stepper
Bop & Spacewave – Addicted To Space
ATRIP – Swelter (Extended Mix)

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