Garage n Bass To Make The Magic Happen – Episode 369 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Love is in the air. Hang on, that’s not love, that’s last night’s Nandos. Damn, babygirl. Do you need a shit?



Track list

BANDiTT x Clarcq – Pinot
Illatek x Keeya Keys – Bounce (Extended Mix)
Matt Jam Lamont, Scott Diaz, Smasher feat. Todd Edwards – Waiting (extended)
MJ Cole feat. Piri & Tommy – Feel It (BWK Project remix)
NewJeans – OMG (Soregashi Remix)
MGM Original – Up & Down
D:Tune feat. Salright – Desire (extended mix)
Jamie Hai – Time
Troublesome – Real Vibes (Chris Mack Remix)
MC Cobra & BWK Project – Strikes Back [You Know]
Nathan Dawe & Bru-C – Oh Baby (feat. bshp & Issey Cross)
MPH & Hamdi – R&R
Rodent – Play Rough
Save Link As – Somewhere
Angus Green – Rhythm Back
Mar’One feat. Elisa MJ – Tu Prescencia
PinkPantheress and Sam Gellaitry – Picture In My Mind (R!PT!DE Remix)
Eminem (feat. Nate Dogg) – Shake That (BVNQUET Bootleg)
Scott Vlassis – Never Wanna Let You Go (Marc Baigent & Element Z Bumpy Extended Remix)
Fleur East – Count The Ways (Wideboys UKG Remix)
Ruko – Vandross Dub
Clarcq – Baby Blue
Tengu, NooSurname, Maddy V – Bang Bang (Tuff Culture Remix)
Mr Oizo – Flat Beat (Jamie Hai Remix)
Burland – Dagobah
-Urbano- – Dope
Flatmate – Lewisham
SP:MC – Big Request
RWB – Gorilla
Rame x Fork and Knife – Inside
Dr Cryptic – Fist Bumper
Arctic Skull – Extinct
Tuff Culture – Real Love
Modà & MOB feat. Devilman – Get Mad (Moppa & Dekka x Hybrid Theory Remix)
SHUFFA & Albzzy – Break Stuff
Ichii – カラーズぱわーにおまかせろ! (Ichii Bootleg)
TQD – Break It Down
MPH – Ghost
Bushbaby – Champagne Bubblers
Tom-i – 少し楽しくなるDub
Dr Cryptic – Best Out Of Three
No Remorse – Sidewinder (Fork and Knife Remix)
Bad Legs & Da Fish – Everybody In The Club
Code Breakerz – Keygenious
Mind Artifice – Better On My Own
Kolly Borda. – Thinking Back (Original Mix)
Erykah Badu – I’ll Call U Back (ZJ Edit)
Joy Anonymous – JOY ANGEL LAY9.WAV

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