Boom Boom Boom Boom, Garage n Bass In The Room – Episode 386 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

I think my brain has finally dried up as I can’t think of any nonsense to type in here. It’s only a matter of time till I wither to a dead husk.

Happy Spooktober!


Track list

Meroman – Soul Expression
BWK Project, SOULSTATE – Dont Let Me
NewJeans – Super Shy (Decemberkid UKG Edit)
WTS – Lift Me Up (Blakk Habit Remix)
IESH & Shelley Nelson – Inspired (Shy Cookie Remix)
Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Horge & Magnafied UKG Mix)
Shade K & Pavane – Somewhere
Xarka & Raquel Divar – Chips (Norbu Remix)
NK, Kyle – Drivers Seat (Extended Mix)
Hoax – Raingurl Dub
Champion – Take Me Home (Algo 2.0 Remix)
DJ Texsta – No Bizness (Floor Mix)
Clarcq & Banditt – SGD
Marrz – Good Old Days
In4mous Goose – Touch
Darby – PLAY
GBSN – Maybach
Jamie Hai x Ettu – With Your Love (Extended Mix)
Ashdunn & Shannon B – Gimme Something More
Nicche – One More Time
Duncan Powell – Gotta Get
A-Link – Energy Rush
MC Spanish Fly – Pirate Days
DJ Jackum – Ladbroke Grove Bootleg
Louis Y2K – 1994 feat. Maicol Superstar
Danny Rich UK – Bruk Out
CharlieQ – Fully Gassed
Twook – Crying
EVM128 – Gamma Riddim (Bakey Remix)
Ennja & Numback – Going Wild
DNL! – Fanatics
Operator P – Head At Dub
Mavros – Body West
N4TEE – 94 Bitzz
ARTAN feat. Spencer Elmer – She’s A 10 But… (DJ Jackum Edit)
33 Below – Protecta (Original Mix – Explicit)
Bermal & Pyrate – Underground
Tuff Culture – Feel Good
mother. – MOVE
Fantom Freq & Spacewalk – Timeless
Halves – Gasket Tac
SNAP! vs. Motivo – The Power of Bhangra (camoufly Remix)
Jiro & GreenFlamez – Untopic (Original Mix)
Toby Ross – Foundation
Hamdi – Dubplate feat. Archie
Zed Bias & Inja – You Should Dance
Cortese – Motion Without Pain
ZeroFG & Halana Roma – Runaway (Extended Mix)

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