Garage n Bass To Make The Voices Stop – Episode 399 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

They just won’t shut up sometimes. I’m here to leng them quiet.



Track list

MC Cobra, Danny JD – The Joke
BWK Project – Pillow Talk (Club Mix)
Baker feat. SDot – Dream
Eliza Rose & MJ Cole – Business As Usual (night shift mix)
Hukae – ONLY U
Kalla – Blueprint
Rodent – All You 2-Step Haters Leave Our Planet
Baribal – Stand Up Tall
notminimal. – e chiammalo
Mar’One – Fusão De Samba Jazz ft. Smilez & Ale Rossi
2Sleep – Never Be The 1
K-Lone & Wilfy D – Nobody
BWK Project – Baby
Lee Switch – Want Your Love (Original mix)
Floppy Disk X HiRobbie – Joy
Basment Jaxx – Romeo (Jamie Hai Remix)
Phonetix, BWK Project – No Worries (All Good) (Howden Mix)
Shakhov – Bandelero Desperado Edit
Maxwell House – Take You High
Bradderz & 25KV – Speed Garage (BK298 Remix)
Champion x Bushbaby – We Multiply feat. Killa P
Disaffected – CrunchCrunchCrunch
Tomy – FAT
MSFT – aaaH
Delight, Juiceman – Hiding In The Dark
Ziggy – Hands In The Air
Kleen Shirt – 3Am (Original mix)
SAGE D. – East Manna Dub
Bushbaby – Diligent Flip
Efan – Badman
MPH – Run It
Bawler – Xena Edit
Bru-C – Wild (bullet tooth club remix
Oppidan & Cutty Ranks – Armed & Dangerous
GBSN – Hooligan
Dunman – Give It A Little Luv
Bowser – Ready For This
Senser – Switch (Kazumi Anzai Remix)
Canary Yellow, Kelbin – Follow Me
Chilly Bin – Gatta
Amira – My Desire (MGM Original Remix)
Cat Kinks – It’s Called I Hate You
Vurbank – Baby Girl
Ludwig A.F. – Ginko
Tyla x Shadow of Light – Butterflies (extended version)
Jasper Tygner – Before Me
Pant-Aloon – What You’ve Done (original mix)

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