Brain Fartz – not a new type of porn

Mr Brainz - l33t


I’m the Brainz. I’ve started this blog primarily as a means of podcasting my radio show every week without have to give money to Podomatic. I thought I could have a crack at putting this shit together myself, so that’s exactly what I did.

The podcast made it through the rigorous testing criteria that is the iTunes approval process, though it did get rejected the first time. A bit of trickery got around the rejection (which wasn’t easy, as you can’t submit the same feed twice!), and the podcast is now spreading the good word of UK Garage to the world via the Apple turd machine that is the iTunes store podcast central. I haven’t been raped for copyright infringement YET. This is however still a possibility, so I’m keeping up a diet of extra hot Nandos chicken and Tortilla burritos with super hot sauce so that when it happens it won’t be sensual at all for the rapist.

I thought in addition to podcasting, it would be handy to empty the contents of my cranial bowels on to this site as, being a cunt with a medium-sized ego, a penchant to generally hate people and a lot of opinions, I have a lot of shit up there I need to get out from time to time. Normally when I start banging on to my mates about random shit I’m met with blank looks, followed with suggestions I should grow a beard and told that I’m probably a paedophile.

So in order to stop me getting arrested by Operation Ore, I’ll stop telling my friends how cool I think Stargate is and start putting my inane babblings on here (where Twitter isn’t applicable).

Aren’t you lucky?

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