Smashed In Switzerland – BrainZ plays Bern November 2011

Little mix for y’all.

Last year I was kindly invited to visit the lovely sandstone-laden city of Bern in Switzerland by the good people at Lüdi and Zahnd. They were having a little shindig to celebrate 10 years in business and my now pal Andy Zahnd wanted me to play for him. Not scoffing at a free trip and the chance to throw down anywhere in the world I jumped straight on it.

A couple of free mystery punches and some Jack Daniels later and I’m out of my box.

Below is some of that set for your listening pleasure. Remember: I’m smashed, so try not to judge!




Track List

Double ’99 – Rip Groove
Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night
Robin S – Show Me Love (Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Bootleg)
Kim English – Night Life (Armand Van Heldon Remix)
Hard Drive – Deep Inside
CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Heldon Remix)
Nu Birth – Anytime (Tuff Jam Kick Dub)
Jaheim – Just In Case (Dubaholics Rollers Revival Mix)
Future Underground Nation – It’s The Way
Ed Case – Something In Your Eyes (K-Warren Remix)
Brandy vs Monica – Boy Is Mine (Architects Remix)
Colours – Hold On (SE22 Mix)
Mark ‘Artful’ Hill vs Ed Sheeran – Could Just be The Bassline
Late Night Alumni – It’s Not Happening
Sentinels – Love Rhythm
Sub Focus – Could Be Real
Yasmin ft Shy FX & Ms Dynamite – Light Up (The World) [MJ Cole Remix]
The Cuban Brothers – The Finding (Doorly Garage Rub)
Wretch 32 – Traktor (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
DJ Zinc – 138 Trek
House of Pain – Jump Around (Mickey Slim Remix)
Shab Ruffcut – Tropical
Nero – Crush On You

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2011 UK Garage mixed up on an iPad using DJay [VIDEO]

Algoriddim DJayA friend of mine told me a while ago about Algoriddim‘s iPad App DJay. So I thought I’d take it for a run, UKG style.

Full track list, review, the videos and mix download allll after the jump


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Bumpy UKG delayed due to IRL CoD

Twitchy MitchEasy now brain farters,

This is a quick heads up to let you know that this week’s episode of Bumpy UK Garage with DJ Brainz has been delayed very slightly.

I have a mental friend (pictured) who thought it would be a clever idea to go running around in a forest in Hertfordshire with BB guns, shooting at each other.

His usual commandment-breaking proclamations of being the “CoD God” had gone to his head so much that he thought we could do it for real.

As apprehensive as I was, I did actually have a good time, apart from spectacularly shooting some young chick on my team at close range whilst climbing a hill and accidentally pulling the trigger.

Anyway, I’ve dragged another episode out of the archives for you this week so look out for that one in your feed soon.



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Brain Fartz – not a new type of porn


I’m the Brainz. I’ve started this blog primarily as a means of podcasting my radio show every week without have to give money to Podomatic. As I’m called the Brainz this usually means I’m smart enough to put this shit together myself, so that’s exactly what I did.

The podcast will be on iTunes soon, spreading the good word of UK Garage to the world via the Apple turd machine that is the iTunes store podcast central. That is, barring that I don’t get raped for copyright infringement. Which I’m 50% expecting to happen. Which means I’m 50% likely to slam my nuts in a door due to frustration.

I thought in addition to podcasting, it would be handy to empty the contents of my cranial bowels on to this site as, being The Brainz, I have a lot of shit up there I need to get out from time to time. Normally when I start banging on to my mates about shit I’m met with blank looks, followed with suggestions I should grow a beard and told that I’m probably a paedophile.

So in order to stop me getting arrested by Operation Ore, I’ll stop telling my friends how cool I think Stargate is and start putting my inane babblings on here (where Twitter isn’t applicable).

Aren’t you lucky?

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