Episode 027 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

As promised, here’s part 2 of my 4 hour show from last week. Riddims still a gwarn, be be aware I’d already been standing up and mixing for 2 hours at the start of this.

Rate this podcast on iTunes you bastard. Do it. Why won’t you do it? Cos you’re gay. That’s why. Stop swallowing sausage and start giving me 5 stars. It’s just rude to choose cock over me. Unless you’re a chick. Then I understand.

Thanks for listening. Really. But you’re still a batty.

Visit for free downloads of some of the tracks from the show and more from DJ Brainz |
Track List

MJ Cole & Zed Bias – Rampwiddem Buy on Juno
Jack Beats – UFO (The K-Hole Riddim) Buy on Juno
Livewire – Devastate
Wookie – Battle (MJ Cole Vocal Mix) Download for free
Deekline vs King Koop – Don’t Eat The Vagina
Broken Social Scene – All To All (Skeet Skeet’s Like it’s 1999 Remix) Download for free
Grand Theft Audio – It’s Alright
DJ Ski – Now That We (UKG 4×4 mix) Buy on Juno
DJ Jack n Jill – Don’t Know Baby (Anthill Mob Remix)
8th Note – Reach 4 U Buy on Juno
Funky Fresh Kutz – Friday
Prescribe Da Vibe – Danger Download for free
Kings of Swing – I Want You Buy on Juno
El B feat Natmor – I Feel (vocal mix) Buy on Juno
Qualifide – See The Light
KingThing – Flutter Buy on Juno
Todd Edwards – Like A Fire Buy on Juno
MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop (L-Vis 1990 Remix) Download for free
Delinquent feat Shad – Ghetto Queen
Para – Something Beyond Buy on Juno
??? Forgot
Submerse & Resketch – Only Buy on Juno
Shag Productionz – All I Want Is The Bass (Para remix) Buy on Juno
Sentinels – Love Rhythm Buy on Juno
DJ Zinc & Katy B – Louder Buy on Juno
Wez Clarke & Maxine Hardcastle – Walking With A Smile (Control-S remix) Buy on Juno
Para – Just Can’t Wait Buy on Juno
Resketch – Fine Rain Buy on Juno
Sunday Roast – Don’t Stop Buy on Juno
Kele Le Roc – Retro (DIY Kool Drop Remix)
The Count & Sinden – After Dark (CRST Remix) Download for free
Mr M – Dash Down Buy on Juno
Monz – In My Head Buy on Juno
Robin S – Show Me Love (Shy Digital Remix) Download for free
Charlie Sezz – Flatline
Shy FX – Raver (MJ Cole Remix) Download for free
Seiji – Straylight Buy on Juno
El-B – Cuba Buy on Juno

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