“Swear I ain’t heard these riddims on this podcast before?” – Episode 039 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Yeah I watched Goatse. It was great.First of all, massive, MASSIVE shout out to everyone that’s been downloading the podcast.

This month I got an email from my service provider telling me I’ve managed to do 60GBs worth more of bandwidth than their own cluster of business sites combined. Guess what this is due to? That’s right, you guys.

Without me looking into it properly I didn’t realise that this podcast at the moment is a roaring success. There’s been over 13,000 downloads started via the podcast feed alone, with more downloads directly via the site.

I’m estimating right now there’s between 2000 and 2500 downloads of podcast episodes each month. That’s HUGE.

There was even a point last week were the podcast had an episode sitting in the iTunes chart. I don’t keep an eye on this closely enough because I didn’t expect to be on there, so this may not even be the first time. All I can say is thanks for getting me there.

If you want to help further, don’t forget you can leave iTunes feedback. The more comments and 5-star ratings I get will help increase the popularity of the podcast and therefore will push UKG forward that little bit more. I’ll really appreciate it if you could help. And I also love to hear feedback – good or bad.

Now, in addition to UKG reaching the masses in a way I never expected, we also have another initiative that kicked off just after my last live show. Those into UKG and follow it on the interwebs may have heard of the fabled UKG Dropbox started by Sub.FM’s very own DJ Para.

The dropbox has become a place for DJs and Producers to share their productions with each other to make sure all the right people are pushing the freshest music possible. There’s even some monster names that have jumped on board. And It’s a rip roaring success.

This week’s show is my first show since the dropbox went live. Every tune in the show is the first time I’ve played it out so you are in for a barrage of beautiful new music. Hectic.

Apologies for the crusty sound on some of the tracks. My CDJs are definitely on their last legs. I’m in the market for a MIDI controller with Traktor, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Thanks once again to everyone that’s made this podcast larger than Goatse‘s arsehole. And here’s to more UK garage every week!

Visit for free downloads of some of the tracks from the show and more from DJ Brainz |
Track List

Shag Productionz – Other Woman
8th Note – Wasn’t It Buy on Juno
Para – All My Heart
Duncan Powell – Highly Affected
Pledge – Unknown (MileZ remix)
Sentinels – Shimmer Buy on Juno
Dexplicit – Bullacake (Duncan Powell Remix) Download for free
Submerse – Distance (ft. Rachel Anne Coulter)
Diana – You On Mind (Eugene Blo Danger on the Floor Mix)
Wiggum – Don’t Funk About Buy on Juno
Scott Garcia – Want 2 Be (Vocal Mix)
Royal T – Whistle Song Buy on Juno
DJ Narrows – Enter The Dance
Relocate – Soul Survivor Buy on Juno
Babylon Zoo – Spaceman (Chris Beale Remix) Download for free
Para & Reaper – The Realness
Lethal Bizzle – Pow 2011 (B1G V1P DUB)
Ray Hurley – Sounds Like A Groove (Dark DnB Groove)
Para – Volume
Sorrow – Existence
Sade – Pearls (Ab-Cent & Elski Remix)
Beatloafe – Citizens’ Rights Buy on Juno
BlackJack – On Fire (BlackJacks Broken vox mix) Buy on Juno
Jammer – Back To The 90s (Scott Garcia & Para Remix)
TRP – Tear Gas
Navsta & Duncan Powell – All From The Mouth
Shag Productionz & Paleface – Aint Nobody
Canblaster – Clockworks Buy on Juno
Whyrez – Universal
Littlefoot – Planet October Buy on Juno
8th Note – Back2Front Download for free
Seiji – More Of You Buy on Juno
Gyu – Juice
MileZ – All I Do Is Cry

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