Stab You In The Eyeball With UK Garage – Episode 074 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

I'll stab you in the eye, yo, with a fucking biro

Easy famble. And Happy Zombie Jew day to all crew. In honour of the bloke that got nailed to 2 bits of wood, I’ve decided to stab you in the eyeball with some brand spanking new music.

Got some cracking tunage for you, and at the end I have a tiny archive vinyl rinse-out (if that’s your bag).

Hope you enjoy, and please, if you get a chance, follow me on the Tweetpipes, 5 star and comment me on iTunes, and follow me on Mixcloud and Soundcloud. OH SHIT AND FACCIA CAZZO BOOK TOO. Like me.



Track list

EPLP – Blue Evening (feat Alpenglow)
Dustmite & Kuru – Bare
Foamo – Sherlock
Si Tew feat Shanade – Silhouette (Zed Bias Rollout mix)
Presk – Kook
Baxta – Skyline
Totte – Spending My Days
TRC – 06 Burn (Instrumental)
DJ Q – Sound Of Violence (2 Step Version)
Dubbelshot – Troubled
Soso – Who’s Gonna Love Me (El-B Remix)
Rusko – Pressure (Original Mix)
CRST feat Jessy Allen – What I Want (Zed Bias remix)
Orpheus feat Aisling – Connected (Orpheus Dance Mix)
Kasket – A Song For Sunday
Parxe & Grincheux – The Art Of Nothing (part 1)
Mak & Pasteman – Lost (original mix)
Dean Jon – All You (Stripped Back Splintz dub)
3hrs – Absolutely
Click Refresh – Murder Sound
Foamo – Rumours
Jook 10 – Suns Out
Redlight – Source 16 (TLegato Refix)
Todd Edwards – The Stranger
Ollie Macfarlane – Peculiar
Unknown – Levitation
Cristian Dinamarca – Find Your Love
Dilouz – Winter Romance (original mix)
Wool & Vortex – Erotic Dancer (B-Ju Remix)
Misty Dubs – Didn’t See
Scorcher ft. Talay Riley – It’s All Love (The Next Room Remix)
De Souza – Keep It Coming (Dem 2 Twist Em Up Dub)
Maxi Priest – Back Together Again (K-Warren Remix)
Active Minds – Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Girl Dem)
Deetah – Relax (Bump n Flex Remix)
Groove Chronicles – Faith In You
2as1 And MJ Cole – Too Blind
Chris Mac – Baby Gonna Rock Dis (Dubplate Style)
Karl Tuff Enuff Brown – Deep Inspiration

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