Wedded to UK Garage like a dog to a bone – Episode 079 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Word to your mother. Brainz is back for another issue of Bumpy UKG.

This week’s show wasn’t on Sub.FM as I had a prior engagement. Still, I threw down for you.

Find some fresh beats, coupled with some old school Russian Roulette mixing. What I mean by that is the 2 half is me finding any random vinyl and chucking it on. Made for an interesting result.

I hope you enjoy. Have a great week.


Track list

Sorrow – Distant Recall
Milez – Perfectly Still
Todd Edwards – Touch
Disclosure – Control (feat Ria Ritchie)
xxxy – Bash
Jook 10 – Road Runner
DJ Blakey – If You See Me
Danny Dubbz Feat Lian Marie – Without You (Original Mix)
Kastle – Can’t Explain
Hostage – Tunnels
Kahn – Angeles (original mix)
Ollie Macfarlane – True
Cotchi – How I
Netsky – Come Alive (Submerse Remix)
Corporal F & Hiloxam – Intoxicated
Martino B – Jack & Bass (CJ Reign dub)
Enigma Dubz feat Katie McLeod – Dancefloor (garage instrumental mix)
One Dark Martian – Falling (Todd Edwards Dub)
Wiley – Heatwave – DEVolution Remix – Master
Gravious – Volver (Sorrow Remix)
Gang Colours – To Repel Ghosts (Troy Gunner remix)
Tycho – A Walk (Kolendo’s Dream Garage Rework)
Yanaku x Johu – Get Me Out
DJ Blakey – Back Then
Do For Love – The Patients feat Candy Jay
Jocelyn Enriquez – Little Bit Of Ecstasy (Booker T Remix)
Fully Loaded Project – Roll With It
The Jam Experience – Feel My Love
Hot Pepper – Hot Peppers Revenge (DIY Style & Class Dub)
Busta Rhymes and the Flip Mode Squad – Put Your Hand Up (Stamp Crew Remix)
Dek Collectors – Sound of Music
David Howard – Summer Madness
Donaeo – Big Ben (Accapella)
Musical Mobb – Pulse X
Skepta – Duppy (Instrumental)
Artifact – The Love I Feel
Rat Pack – Brothers, Sisters
DIY – Feeling High
GANT – All Night Love
Sherman – No No No (Dubaholics Remix)
Chris Mac – Get It
Chunky feat Kaz – Some Kind Of Fool
Scandolous Unlimited – Watford Weather
Artifact – Home Alone
Dr Venom – The Egypt Riddim (Instrumental)
Pale Face feat Nina Jayne – Like a Feather (Delinquent Remix)
Blaque – I’m Good (Da Phuture 4×4 Vocal Mix)
Jagged Edge – What’s It Like (Wookie Remix)
Prezent vs Y-Tribe – I’ll Get Over You (Speedy Gonzales Mix)
Zak Tomms – Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Mix)
TJR featuring Xavier – Just Gets Better (TJR Dub)
Tony Momrelle – If You Were Here Tonight (DB & Yardley Mix)

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