Prolapse UK Garage – Episode 087 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

“Brainz I’m scarred for life”


“I just Googled ‘Anal Prolapse'”

That was an actual conversation I had yesterday in the Sub.FM Chat Room. I have no idea what he was expecting. Given my track record of dodgy show names I don’t know what they expected when I set my show title to Anal Prolapse UK Garage.

What can we gather from this little story? I’ve got problems. And I don’t care.

Enjoy the tuna.


Track list

Armeria – Why’d You Have To Go
We Sink – Cat O’Nine Tails
Signal Deluxe feat Romy Kerr – Hold You Forever (Mokujin & Tiny URL UK Garage remix)
Orpheus – Connected (feat Aisling)
Sneakbo – Zim Zimma (Tremorefire Remix)
Letthemusicplay feat L-W – & I Love You (Todd Edwards Remix)
Lojt – It’s A Future Thing
Jolly Ranker – Close
TRO – Limbo Mambo Jambo
Karma Kid – It’s Always
DubRocca – Never Let Go
Grievous Angel – Torn Apart
C4 – Crazy Song
Original Memzee UK All Stars – Fuck Off (Mr Brainz Special)
Gammy – Big Tune (Original Mix)
Jinx In Dub – Shaka Sonics ft Mikey Don (King Yoof remix)
Wideboys – Addicted 2 The Bass (Wideboys UKG mix)
Delilah – Shades of Grey (MJ Cole Remix)
Hidden Riddim & Corticyte feat Missin Red – Step By Step
Rebecca Ferguson – Backtrack (DEVolution Vocal Mix)
Bastille – Flaws (Cinematic’s In My Soul Remix)
Akin – Jaded
Mak – Cameo
Look Like – Look Like Wordz
Jazztronik – Samurai
Ludique – Ride A Gun
Guerilla Speakerz – Parool (feat Franklin 99)
Jubley – Thinker
Balofo – Let Me See
Soundproof feat G Double – Proof in the Sound (R1 Ryders remix)
Toxic Is Dead – Toxic Avenger (Todd Edwards remix)
Orpheus – Cronos Eats His Children
Artful Dodger – Woman Trouble (Stutter Kids Remix) [Mr Brainz Vocode Special]
TOTTE – Big Tingz
8th Note – Wasnt It (Impact Feat Marvel Remix)
DJ Zinc – Kinda Funky
Phonetix – Take Ya’ Top Off (Brainz Special)

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