Total UK Garage Facial – Episode 098 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Total Carrot Bukkake

YES! We’re back again to totally cover you in UK Garage. And you love it, don’t you? You dirty bastards.

Bare new tracks. I won’t gone on. Just listen to it goddammit!



Track list

Tourist – Tonight
King Dinosaur – How To Feel
Tom Piper, Micky Slim, Majestic – Can’t Kill The Party (Wookie Remix)
Lojt – The Dreamer
T2 – Heartbroken (DE$iGNATED 2k13 Remix) (Club Mix)
XXXY – Got Me So
TS7 feat Taylor Fowlis – Heartlight (Polygon) (Extended Mix)
Whistla – This Love
Qadafee – Formz Of Life
DrDr – Addicted (Radio Edit)
Py & Kadabrah – Black Magic (Kry Wolf Remix) (Black Magic)
Rachel Row – Follow The Step (Justin Martin Remix)
Artful vs Metals – Like/Unlike (Dirty Club Mix)
Black Butter Records | Ministry of Sound – Syron – ‘Here’ – (TCTS Remix)
Misha B – Here’s To Everything (Motez Remix Edit)
Pledge – Waiting (Pikcha Mix)
Queenie – And Every
R1 Ryders – Freq
DEVolution – Always On
King Yoof & Jacky Murda – Dub Nurse feat Gregory Isaacs (Original)
Sunday Roast – I Feel
Lojik – Retrospect
Arthur D’Amour – Alcogolic (Whisky-Cola mix)
Flarelight – I Believe (Chromatic remix)
Just Kiddin – Soul Drop (Original Mix)
HXDB – The Light
Majora – Satisfied
Vlsonn – Matou
Phaelah feat Soundmouse – Afterglow (original mix)
Youan – Easy
Sanxion – Hail To The King (Original)
Underworld – Born Slippy NUXX (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)
Thieves – We Used To
I.D. – Mustang (Gella remix)
Bailey – Home (DJ Edit)
Cheri Coke – The Garden of Eden (Maths Time Joy Remix)
Tony Quattro – Forth & Seek (feat B Ames)

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