Jesus Loves UK Garage – Episode 108 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

"What you in for sweetpants?"“Jesus loves you.”

It’s a nice thing to hear.

Unless you’re in a Mexican prison.

Speaking of anal violation, it’s a good parallel to draw as this week’s show was warm and tight. Really enjoyed myself. I hope you enjoy it too.

Big up


Track list

Jamie Grind – Something You Should Know
Liam Bailey – When Will They Learn (Chase & Status Remix)
City High – What Would You Do (Bailey Remix)[Extended Edit]
Kayla L’ayton – Cash Money (K-Warren 2 Step UKG Remix)
Gilbino – Never Let Me Go
Threnody – Peak (Tomb Crew Mix)
Hostage – How We Go Down
Shagos – Bubble Bath
I Killed Kenny – Goblin
D4Funky1 – Durban
Amy Winehouse – Stronger (Moony 2013 UKG mix)
DJ Halo – N.E.E.T.
Josef Salvat – Hustler (Kry Wolf Remix)
Royal-T – Inside the Ride (VIP Mix)
Foamo – Sherlock (Taiki & Nulight remix)
Anton Triplet – Yeeah
Andy Jay & S Tee feat Charlene – It’s Still You (UKG 2-step mix)
Dr Cryptic – Tuff
Hybrid Theory – So High
Nativ – Afrocentrism
Sanxion – Robot House
Funkystepz – Amsterdam Girls Go Wild (Lazy Flow remix)
1Point5 feat Al Rolfe – Ups & Downs (Original Mix)
Ultracode & Qadafee – Interval
Walton – Homage
Tuff Culture – All We Need
Estelle – American Boy (Wilfred Giroux Edit)
KCAT – Broken (C.R.S.T Remix)
Benga & Kano – Forefather (DrDr Remix)
Artful – Wasteman (UKG Mix)
Farzana Elahe Feat Tanya Billy – Hold Your Head Up (Shagos UKG Remix)
Freefall Collective – Game Control (Dub Mix)
Tom Badger – Dat Gurl (Mokujin’s London Sumting Remix)
Katy B – What Love Is Made Of (Brackles Remix)
Isaac Mural – Beat Talk
Amberscape – Howiloathe (original mix)
DE$IGNATED – Valentine (feat Kyiki)
DEVolution – Always On
Orpheus:ldn – A Picture

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