Bonus: Gashtastic Volume 3 – Old School UK Garage – Episode 125 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


So approximately 6 years after the last episode, the Gashtastic series gets an update with an old school rinse out.

I had a bag full of music I’d picked out for going to Nottingham with when I played up there and it kind of made sense to put a mix together out of it. I didn’t go for your run-of-the-mill cheese fest old school set (promptly jumped over Monsta Boy – Sorry). It’s been a while since I’ve done a majority vinyl mix (Serato appears once!). Bit of a challenge for me nowadays! What I will say is you are due a set of decent tunes.

See it as an early Xmas present. Hope you enjoy.

Big up


Track list

Todd Edwards – Push The Love
TJR – Just Gets Better
Brasstooth – I Can’t Quite
DJ Jack & Jill – Don’t Know Baby (Anthill Mob Remix)
Box Clever – Treat Me Right
Dem 2 – Desire 99
A Baffled Republic – Bad Boys (Moves In Silence) (Blouse ‘n’ Skirt Mix)
Smokin’ Beats – Dreams
Jocelyn Enriquez – A Little Bit Of Ecstasy (Booker T Vox Dub)
4 Deep Connextion – Twisted Future
Kathy Wood ‎- Give Me Joy (Tuff Jam Remix)
Ordinary People feat Amigo – The Message
Kym Mazelle ‎– Big Baby (RAFMAT Remix)
Todd Edwards – Saved My Life
Prizent vs Y-Tribe ‎– I’ll Get Over You (Speedy Gonzales Mix)
Ce Ce Peniston – Somebody Else’s Guy (DIY’s SOS Dub)
GANT – All Night Long
Once Waz Nice ‎- Messin Around (2 Step Mix)
DJ LT & Mr Wise – Music Is My Life
ES Dubs – Standard Hoodlum Issue (Zed Bias Mix 1)
Mark Ruff Ryder vs Sparks & Kie – Joy Fly Bi (Bootleg)
Brasstooth – Pleasure
Groove Chronicles ‎– Millenium Funk
Brasstooth – Celebrate Life (Zed Bias Dark Dub)
Agent X – Decoy
DJ Excel & Wesley Jay ‎- Reasons (Why Don’t We Fall In Love)
Dom Perignonn & Dynamite ‎– Got Myself Together
Ms. Dynamite + Menta ‎- Ramp
Live Wire – Devastate
Soul II Soul – Fairplay (Wookie Remix)
Donae’o – Bounce

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