Copyright Infringing UK Garage – Episode 139 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Not Sure If Art, Or Copyright Infringement So I’ve just been notified of my 3rd strike on Soundcloud for copyright infringement which means they’re going to close my account.. Great. All for uploading my radio show. Yet, there are numerous mixes of the same nature all over Soundcloud on “Big Named” DJs and Producers Soundcloud pages. They took my fucking money and still said “You know what, fuck you. We give big names a pass but you can violate yourself with a wide television remote control and spin on it”.

Thanks Soundcloud.

Good job they’re not the only place you can get my radio show, eh. This week’s show was lively. Enjoy.


Track list

Davwuh – Nothing
Fabienne – City of shadow’s (Nu Era remix)
Flava D & Moony – Who I Am
TuffCulture – Thugged Out Bitch
Sqz Me – The Walls
DJ Woofa – Oh Lord (2-step Mix)
SPD – Badmanting
Dead Belly – Burnt Out (Original)
Jay Robinson feat Tigerlight – The Ride (Tigerlight VIP)
Apexape & Chris Lorenzo – Got To Give (Heavier Mix)
Agzamoff – Badbwoy (J.Jean & A.T.T.O.S. Remix)
Ella Eyre – If I Go (Bodhi Remix)
Elizabeth Rose – Sensibility (Crown Duels Remix)
Save Link As – Pick Me Up
Olive – Your Not Alone (TuffCulture Edition)
Gilbino – Entertainment Centre (Explicit Mix)
Jello – Make You Go Crazy
Pixelord – Sinking Ship (feat. Fifi Rong)
Carpainter – SAWAGOU DUB
Taiki Nulight x Inkline – Changing Your Mind
Funkystepz – Boyz In Da Hood
Luthor – Intake
M2J – Minimal Fuss (1st Edit Premaster)
TuffCulture – Set Free
Nicolau Marinho and Facing Odds – Dirty Time
Toronto Is Broken – Die For You feat Reeson (Rain City Riot remix)
DeckaJam – We Don’t Care (Light Work Remix)
Queenie – And Every (Iva Edit)
Sadie Ama – Falling (DYP Re-Edit)
Gilbino – Grit Pop
Shake Down – At Night (Frith Remix)
SecondCity – I Wanna Feel (Final Conflict Remix)
Hostage – Crank
Flava D & Miss Fire – Closer
Danny Tenaglia feat Celeda – Music Is The Answer (TuffCulture Edition)
Banks – Drowning (Lido Remix)

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