Oh That’s Just Nasty Garage – Episode 192 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Oh Snap!

Wassurrrrrp. So that’s just nasty. Nasty basslines that is. This week was strange up savagery. Hope you enjoy.


Track list

Taz – Don’t Give Up
Otik – Ur Soul Is Missing (Original Mix)
Scott & Nick feat Shiona & Preshus – Let Me Be
Christopher Port – Heavens
Sade – Shelter Me (Mick James Remix)
SPD – Corna
Mind Of A Dragon – Truth
Mydas – Want It
Kastle – 4 Real
Joedan – Weak
El-B – What You Mean To Me
Mind Of A Dragon – Crush (Doctor Nick Remix)
Brock – Delirious
Kazumi Anzai – In Control
Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec (Smokey Bubblin’ B’s 2 Step Mix)
Swedger – Ammunition (Wolfe Big Boo mix)
Voltron – Don’t Stop (XXXY remix)
Leda Stray – The Oracle
ONUKA – When I Met U (Kulakostas Remix)
Didz & Chico – Something New
Carpainter – Browser Crasher
MindOfaDragon – KickDaDog
Sia – Little Man (Famous Eno Re-Work)
Rico Tubbs – Ghost Rider (Dr Cryptic Remix)
Scott Garcia x Cellardore – Gassed
Mooving Loose (On1 Remix) – Joedan & MC Blenda
Mike Delinquent Project – 2am
Lucent – Kill It (Doctor Nick Remix)
Lucent – The Future (PVC remix)
Sketchi – I Know
TRO – Breakin (original)
MindOfaDragon – Creep
TuffCulture – Desire
Brand S – Fused
Gold – Death Mask (Original)
Joedan – Blatant Murder (Mind Of A Dragon Mix)
Champion – Arcade
Pelikann – Godzilla (original mix)
Inkline – It’s Alright
Yakuza – Karajishi-Botan
Petey Clicks – Deadly Combo
Late Night Alumni – It’s Not Happening

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