If You Want Garage n Bass Email [email protected] – Episode 204 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


This show is so fat the Jaluminati might just take it down. Get it while it nasty.

Loads of fresh music as yoosh. Hope yours ears enjoy.

Big up


Track list

Endaf – Hold Me Close
Cellardore – Get Right Inside
Dr Omnix – Themselves
4AM – If
Agu – Crawling (Dephex remix)
Ochtone – Autumn
Blackboxx – Link Up (Orignal)
B-Ju – Cry Wolf (123Mrk remix)
Kastle – Holographic (feat Sara Z)
Mikey B – Behind Closed Doors (feat Daniel Sheehy)
Foamo – Sherlock (Millions Like Us remix)
Aquadrop – Evolution
Nik – Love Me Crazy (FooR Remix)
Shift K3Y – The Underground (Original Mix)
Sorrow – Flutter
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Vintage
Ralston x 2 Rotten Scoundrels – Hurt Me No More
Didz & Chico – Something New
Louis Mattrs – Bow Down (Sorrow Remix)
Save Link As – Break You Off
Migrant – On The Ball
Taiki Nulight x Inkline – Emergency Dub
Kazumi Anzai – Classified
Hybrid Theory – Dont Shoot
Hovey – Desire
Conducta – Still You (feat Lifford)
Karl Vincent x Tik&Borrow – Cops and Lawyers
Wittyboy – Push It
Sammy Porter x Asha Rae – Look Back (FooR Remix)
Shaun Dean – Top 5
AD & Joedan – Dumbness (Joedans UKG Remix)
Blackboxx – Adonis (Moony Remix)
Rektchordz – Meant To Be (Taiki & Nulight Remix)
Danny.wav feat Too Many T’s – Hold It Down
Stanton Warriors – The One (Wuki Remix)
Dephex – No Turning Back
123MRK – Weird
Terror Tone – Crypt (Feat. Beach Club And Relic)
TS7 – Hulk
MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop
Conducta – Let Go (Distro Remix)
Danny.wav – Woi!
Warrior One – Fyah (feat Ayah Marar)
Kazumi Anzai – Slippery Surface (Original Mix)
Submerse – OVA

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