Bonus: The Random Cracked Out Mix (2006) – Episode 227 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Ah 2006. It was a vastly different time in my life. I was renting a room in a house I shared with an Estate Agent and a coke dealer. I was still actually buying vinyl and my only access to CD decks was the shittest peace of “Made for pub” top-loading junk you’ve ever seen. I set out one day to make a mix with the most dark, random garage I could find. The sole purpose was to put in a shit song I made in Fruityloops. Can you guess which one? Anyway, the result was the Random Cracked Out Mix.

This is to tide you over. I got so much new music waiting for you, but I had to go to Turkey and chill the fuck out for 10 days. It was needed. I’m now back. There will be a show this weekend.

Until then, enjoy smoking this wan.


Track list

DJ Zinc – The Jug
Grimble Squad – Murda
Qualifide – See the light (Lost in space dub)
TNT – Greezy
Blackjack – Dead Prez
Duncan Powell – Special Groove
Groove Chronicles – Millenium Funk
Search & Destroy – Desperate Measures
Dexplicit – Hench
1 Upfront – Hold Tight
Wideboys – Project Bassline
Bogeyman – Smelly
DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter remix
DEA Project – So High
Wiley – New Era
De Souza – Keep it coming (Dem 2 Twist Em Up Dub)
Dr Venom – The Egypt Riddim
Dexplicit – Sky Juice
Qualifide – Badman (The Mad Mix)
Skepta – Duppy
Live Wire – Devistate
Pay As You Go – Know We
Ladies First – Kiss The Sunshine (Sunship vs Chunky Mix feat Specialist Moss)
Sovereign – The International
Shut Up And Dance – Action
Club Asylum – Come Steppin
Donna Deep – Lovin You (DJ Q Remix)
Dem 2 – Baby You’re So Sexy (Big Time Scary Dub Mix)
Agent X – Killahertz (Alias Remix)
Wookie – VCF
Wiley – Eskimo
Groove Chronicles – Black Puppet
Delinquent – Cossack Dance
Doneao – Bounce

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