Garage n Bass Fire – Episode 269 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


No, seriously, fire. Someone’s left the chip pan on. WHAT DO I DO? NOOOO! NOT WATER ON A CHIP PAN FIRE! AAHRRRGH AGHHH AGHHHRRRRGGHHHHHH

My brain is melting.


Track list

Mako – Coyote
Yumna Black – Ain’t No Chance (feat Dread MC)
iri – Wonderland (Genick Garage EDIT)
Para – Her
CJ Reign – Move My Way (Original Mix)
Brock UK – Send For The Fire (Melon mix)
Kobe JT – Never
MSC – Honesty (4×4 Mix)
Sammy Virji – Shapes (Oh Will)
Royal Flush – Cut Ties
Kazumi Anzai – Magic
EMT – Loosing Feelings (feat. Shantina) (Rude Jude Club Edit)
Lojt – It’s A Future Thing (Lojt’s Runcorn Original Mix)
CJ Reign – Lift Me Up
Kindred Soul X MIDI Logic – Butterfly (ZeroFG’s ‘Broken Promise’ Remix)
CJ Reign – Move My Way (Para Mix)
MKII – Movin’
Para – Escape
D Selektah – Inuff (Royal Flush Remix)
Royal Flush – By My Side (MOAD Mix)
Captain Over – Social Assassin
BTW – Brightline
MPH – Mic
Smokey Bubblin’ B – Yang
Martin Myers – Labour (original mix)
Vital Techniques – Whiskey & Ice (feat Dialect)
Sample Junkie – Chocolate (Feat MC Instant)
Jay1 – Your Mrs (Fragmnts Bootleg)
NuBass – UnHoly
SPACEGAT – Trouble
The Prodigy – Breathe [Brent Kilner Bootleg]
Dr Cryptic Feat Forca – Nah I Don’t Think So
Wandrezo – Playround
TS7 – I Could Be The One
Bakes Feat. Skinner – Falling
Yawk! – Swang
Coxon – Loose Control
Buraka Som Sistema vs Krafty Kuts – Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) [Krafty Kuts Remix]
Captain Over – Dope
MKII – Looking For
Thief In The Night – Feel Good
King Monday – Weightless

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