Thanks a Latte For The Garage n Bass – Episode 273 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Yes. This arsehole actually named the show that. You’re listening to him, so what does that make you?

Amazing. That’s what <3 Big it B

Track list

Pepe Elle – El Profesor
Mitzi – Going Somewhere
Aaron Static – I’ll Know (feat. AKACIA) (Blackboxx Remix)
Daze Prism – All I Want
Bk2Bassix feat. Abi – Got This Now
Digital Base & Andy Vibes – Swing Love
MOAD & Miss Fire – Freak In Me (original mix)
C4 – Down
Para – Around
Iller Instinct – Bubblin’ (99 Style Mix)
Marts – Third Light
AC Slater feat Kaleena Zanders – Final Fantasy (Club mix)
The Manor – For Life (feat Lily McKenzie)
Kobe JT – Lovin’ It
CJ Reign – Burnin N Yearnin (original mix)
Blakk Habit x Ruby – Too Late
Blasta X Steps – Stolen (GE Remix)
Higgo – Meet Me In The Middle
Tuff Culture – Parallel
Brock UK – All The Massive
C4 – Truth
Daze Prism – Don’t You Know
Jack Selecta – Dust Off
Conducta Feat. Liv Dawson & Courage – Sleep (Jack Junior Remix)
Iller Instinct – Control
Realz x Star One – Everything’s Live
Midas T – Are You Here
Jack Selecta – Gosh
Barely Royal – Follow Me ft. Gid Sedgwick & SK!N
Disperto Certain – OMEN
Fork and Knife – Acid Pan (Original Mix)
Temgri – Thin Ice
DJ AIRMAX – Number One Fan
Childish Gambino – This Is America (Alterior Motive UK Remix)
Mofaux – Haters
Harry Tremlett – Tell Me
Deadbeat UK – The Best (feat Kase)
Stanton Warriors – Up2U (feat Sian Evans – Badjokes remix)
Dr Oscillator – Thomas Da Dank Engine
Macz & Rayment – More Than A Wave (Tik&Borrow Bootleg)
Darkzy & Example – Drops (Mind Of A Dragon remix)
MKII – Warm It Up
Rift – Aeon
Nat Berhanu – Ready To Celebrate
Jaydonclover – Two Years (Radical DJ Remix)

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