Leaping Around To Garage n Bass – Episode 291 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

So this week’s show landed on Leap Day! A day traditionally known for when women are allowed to suggest they bind love in a contract allowing them to take half. There’s always a loophole.

Out to the pre-nup massi

And congrats if you got engaged πŸ™‚


Track list

Kraven – 21st Century Living (ft. Manks)
Adibanti – Bloodlust
Earthnut – Sunday Slaps
Lost Girl – I Won’t Give Up (Extended Mix)
Meroman – Pray 4 Me
Roysson – Beside Me (Blakk Habit Remix)
Tengista – Sunseeker
Duskope – Dunno Why (original mix)
MPH – In My Heart
Danny Phillips – Find A Way (DJ Q Remix)
Prescribe Da Vibe – In Control
DJ Q – Rapture (Koffee)
Mind of a Dragon – Caught Up
Higgo – Here Goes
Gary Esson – Something Good
Disclosure – Ecstasy
Tony Romera – Take Me (feat Dorothy Sherman)
Lauren Glancy – Go On And Cry (Blakk Habit Remix)
Sampladelic – I Am Following
CB – My Luv
Mind of a Dragon – I See
MPH – New York
Danny Blaze x MC Neat feat Ruby Creed – Stand Up
Smasher – Got All Night
Bryan Blayz – American Boy (Blakk Habit Remix)
DJ Q – Something
Mind of a Dragon – Feel This Way
Shagos – Talk Remix (Vocal Mix)
Kiddah – PL1
Arpa – Ranked
Rhades – Red Thread (Original Mix)
Kraven – Killa
PVC – Leng Off The Ting
DJ Narrows – Saved Soul (Kontent VIP)
MPH & Shantie – Bass Heads
Mikey B – White Lies (feat Paige Eliza)
Wax Motif, Taiki Nulight & Scrufizzer – Skank N Flex
In4mous Goose – Angles
Nekst – Kink
Rhades – 8
Thirteenth Output – Uncontrollable
Orpheus:ldn – Cronos Eats His Children
Yun*chi – Wonderful Wonder World* (Carpainter Remix)
γγ‚ƒγ‚ŠγƒΌγ±γΏγ‚…γ±γΏγ‚… – PONPONPON (Submerse Moe Garage Remix)

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