Garage n Bass To Get The Gremlins Groovin’ – Episode 320 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Yes kids!

So this show was a bit of a heartbreaker for me. Started out amazing. Then we ran into technicals which ultimately meant I had to drop the stream on Sub.FM. We still got the full show for all the playback massi though, so enjoy this journey of brand new bangers.

Big up


Track list

Arfa – Skyline
Low Poly – Mine
Mind Artifice – Flwrs (original mix)
SZA – Good Days (Patrick Kane’s Garage Mix)
Changin Fazes – My House (UK Garage mix)
Yumna Black – Believing (Kells Remix)
DJ Swagger & DJ AEDIDIAS – Don’t Call Me
Scott Garcia – Closer Than Close (Main)
Dirk Slazenger – Roach [DEMO]
Bumpy Little Ting – Why Justify
Papa Nugz – Peachfuzz
Vital Techniques – Judging Me
iTONiC – Flight
DJ Meida – I Don’t Wanna
George IV – Payday
Alfred Romero – Like This
Bumpy Little Ting – Next To Me
Doja Cat – Like That (Impact Remix)
Kells – Flinch
She’s Only Sixteen – Broken Glass (Loner remix)
André Magus – Your Love
Marvel & Eli – North London (2-Step Mix)
Nuzb – Want Your Body
Chris Bass & Ray Hurley – Baby Groove
Prozak – Never Too Late
Toolz Of Da Trade – Break Into My Heart
Smokey Bubblin’ B – Tell U (Extended Mix)
Oppidan & Zefer – Every Second
Soulecta – We No Speak London
Nuzb – Don’t Talk
MPH – Arena
Jeremy Sylvester – Superfly
Marrz – Watch Ya Mouth
Manu Twister – Give It To U (Original Mix)
Champion – Jheeze N Bizkits
Candl – The Road (Mike D-Fekt remix)
Bowser – Butcher (Original Mix)
Kells – Extra Faff
DJ Meida – Hold On
Millennium Dubs – Strongback
Cooky – My Mind
Habstrakt & Asdek – Es Isso (Rhades Edit)
DJ Luck & Troublesome – Fire (Marrz Remix)
MKII – Kontact
Just Geo – Burn It All Down
Perry Farrell – Milky Ave (Speakman Sound Remix)
Detz – Detached

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