Garage n Bass Pottier Than A Pent Up Puppy – Episode 325 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

This week has been exhausting. I’ve been chasing a puppy around and I really hoping it runs out of creative ways of pissing on my carpet soon.

I barely managed to get a show together in time. I made sure to still dedicate myself to putting together something of quality. So hope you enjoy this one. Full of bump, bass and beats.

Big it


Track list

Sentinel 793 – Wormholes (Haze City remix)
Phonetix ft. Final Cutt Collective – Blame It On You
Badger feat. R.I.O – Switch It Up
Central Cee – Hate It Or Luv It (Meroman Edit)
Oldboy – Strict Service
BWK Project – Faithful
Tobtok, Milwin & Alfie Cridland ft. Mila Falls – New Levels (SHOSH Remix)
André Magus – Unfoolish
Fat Joe – Sunshine (The Light) (feat. DJ Khaled & Amorphous) (Control-S Remix Extended) (Explicit)
Porky Paul – Just A Feeling (Blakk Habit Remix)
Project Zeus – Midnight Drop (BWK Project Remix)
IndiAlman – You Could Be
Bumpy Little Ting – What U Do
Conducta & Keeya Keys – 04/04/2002
MoreNight – Skoobadabap
Move Sort – Box To Box
IceBeatChillz ft. Beenie Man – Area (Proper Tings Extended Mix)
Hardy Caprio – Million Rings (Explicit)
D:Tune – Now I’m Free (extended mix)
Tuff Culture – My Addiction
BruvBruv – SM5weight (Angus Green Remix)
Origin8a & Propa, Benny Page – Harmony (Todd Edwards Extended Mix)
Cathy Hobi – Come Back to Me
Rico Tubbs – Hold Me Close
Phonetix – Leaving
Gemi – Drogba
Hi Top – Gimme More (Extended Mix)
Hans Glader – Lumen
Menso & KL!P – You Shine
The Illustration – Flukey
Shadow of Light feat. Spitholic – She Like
Tuff Trax – The Sexy Track (Daffy remix)
Kazumi Anzai – Spotlight
Bowser – Movement
Burt Cope – Business (Vital Techniques Remix)
Nu Partial – Chive Check
L&F – Kylo Ren
Sad Night Dynamite – Icy Violence (Champion remix)
Chimpizm – Your Time
Ollie Weeks – Big Up All The Callers (original mix)
Body Ocean – Pop Your Hip
Royal-T – Tabloids (extended mix)
Brock UK – No No No (Total Recall)
Krissi B – Down
Digital Koala & Dread MC – Making Moves
NuBass – Tequila
Samstone x Arundel – Kenshi
Minor & Haelix – Time (original mix)
Interplanetary Criminal – Opulence
Balance – Solar
D3ADL1NE – Follow Me
CFCF – After The After

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