Power Surging Garage n Bass – Episode 341 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Mid-show there was a power surge. That’s about it. Cool story bro.

Enjoy the music.


Track list

Changin Fazes – Give It To Me (UK Garage Mix)
Lavonz – Sexy (Wilfy D Remix)
DJ Djegor – All Night
Ella Mai – She Don’t (DJ CDQ Remix)
Vital Techniques – Never Be the Same
Baker – On My Mind
Ell Murphy – Make It (feat. Soundboy Cookie)
Checiano Brothers feat. Proper Ganda & Rohenny – Boujee Gucci (Sovereign Remix)
Maximono, Dipzy – Unwinding (Maximono’s Garage Flex)
Stixy D – You Make It
K-Lone & Wilfy D – Strawberries
Changin Fazes – Never Leave You Alone (UK Garage Mix)
Sensa – Gold
Shaun Dean, Leanne Louise & Chiverton – Heaven (Laura Alice Mix)
Jack Josh – Easy
Prince Kaybee ft. Polaris – Umenitosha (Karnival Extended Remix)
Shadow of Light – Dangerous Hype 2.0
Phonetix – Heartbreak
Shin Sakiura feat. AAAMYYY – NIGHTRUNNING (ケン② UK Garage Remix)
DJ Djegor – Twice as Nice (Sensa Remix)
Hybrid Theory – Wanna Be
Pimms Brooke – Try (Laura Alice Remix)
Drinks On Me – Falling Down
Rootkit – Dreaming (MPH Remix)
Yemi – 4 Da Gyaldem
Noxive – Listen to the Sound
DJ Crisps – Lickwood
Yosh – Skyline
Alfredo Romero – Minus Four
Snoozy – Satellite
Cathy Hobi – Don’t Tell Me, Tell Him
Disaffected – Can’t Compare
Hans Glader – Autumn
Para – Shooting Stars
Oppidan – Renegade Master
Snakehips – All Over U (Extended Mix)
Mikey B – Things You Do
Mintnite – Like This
Sample Junkie – Pinky Ring
Dr Cryptic – Slick Don Merks Raves
ADuki – Witness the Fitness
Jason Code – HOT!
Daffy – Settings
El-Es – Dystopia
jives – Tsushima
Absenol. – Bitter Nostalgia
Ary & Bendik HK – Out of Sight, Never Out of Mind

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