Garage n Bass For The Thugs – Episode 360 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Are you a thug? Yes you are, you bad boy. Behave yourself before you get in trouble.


Track list

Sarah Etheridge – Sunshine (In4mous Goose 2 Step Remix)
Dusky – Lonely Dulcimer (Extended Mix)
Baker – Demons in the Dark
Muni Long – Pain (NOSLO UKG Bootleg)
Gemmy, Dread MC & Shantie – Nice It
DJ Q & Hans Glader – Pipe Dreams
Adam Kronik – Take U There
Piri & Tommy – on & on (Sammy Virji Remix)
MoreNight – Tunisimo
Vortex, Finn – Let You Go
Stolen Goods – I’m Done Playing (Original Mix)
The Streets – Has It Come To This (Pj Bridger Refix)
DJ Q – All That I Could
Vurb – Luv Crash
Tripleset – Sensi
Clarcq – Eyes Closed
Mathman – Everybody Bubblin (Club Mix)
Solution – My Love
Moe Shop – You Look So Good (Moshii Lightz Remix)
Party Pupils – Break It Down (Extended Mix)
Oppidan – Circles Bootleg
WZA – In Your Heart
Cortese – Wrong Train
Donsurf – Tell Me
Clearcast – Munch (Dub)
Bowser & Raverman – Moonlight
Tigs – Real Thing
Hockins – Pad Thai
Daisu – First in the Fight (LMajor Remix)
Ollie Weeks – Coke N Rum
Soulecta – Jheez Louise (Extended Mix)
MPH & Cecelia – Rush
Event Horizon – Warped
Danny Time – Love Me
Arc Nade & Dpart – Get Off My Line
Kyo – Bloody Hell
Bushy – Caliginous
Kroud & Prototyperz – Let It Be Mine
Bad Legs – Symphonic
Hankook, Destroyers – Necronomicon
The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Rebel (MURIX & ACEDIAS Remix)
Oso – First Light
Edward White – The Things U Make Me Do
Boz – Feeling U Dub
Kolly Borda – Cadburys

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