Oh Garsh It’s Garage n Bass Again – Episode 372 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

So I had to skip my Saturday slot this time around because I was babysitting a post-op dog. (Puppy having knee surgery, not a really ugly person transitioning). So I picked up a Sunday show and did my thing. I think both live listeners really enjoyed it.

Hope you do too.


Track list

Jai Wolf – Want It All (feat. Evalyn)
Skrillex – Rumble (OOTORO Dub)
Champion – My Way feat. Daliya Nava (Extended Mix)
Lovellious – Shady Dub
Bear Like x Forbes – Take Me Away
Heavy Beat Brass Band – Digbeth (Soulecta Remix)
D Selektah – Be Good (Phonetix Remix)
Flamage – Once In Your Life
Marvel & Eli feat. Thunda Banton – Ride The Riddim (2-Step Dub Mix)
Vital Techniques – Losing My Mind
Jaikea – POW Dub
Kelis – Got Your Money (Protean Sound Garage Edit)
MC Cobra & Phonetix – Fears
Eximius – So Good (Angus Green Remix)
Burnie – Sunshine Underground (Extended Mix)
Clarcq – Faded (Extended Mix)
Adam Kronik – Be There
PJ Statham – front2back
Prescribe Da Vibe – The Heat
Thirtz – Sure Shot Dub
Moppa & Dekka – Take A Trip
BVNQUET – Stayin Alive
Kaisui – Hairdryer
Higgo – Don’t Wanna Be Talking (Extended Mix)
Darby – Everything
R!PT!DE – Man Wanna Talk About
GBSN – Welcome To London
WZA – Show Me Lovin
Mani Festo – Hours (Drumskull Remix)
Odd Mob – Left To Right (33 Below Remix)
Tower Block Dreams – Aint It Funny feat. Killa P
Fork and Knife – That’s Not Me Bootleg (Glib)
Skrillex, Aluna x Kito – Inhale Exhale (msft Remix)
Miss LA – Denham Audio Dub
MelloKey – Take It Back
NuBass, MPH & Rhiannon Roze – Toxic
Largey – Ragga Tip Dub
Bad Legs & DA FISH – Ladies & Gentlemen
FM-3 – Rinse Sound
Juicy Goose – Stuttah
Gilbino – Coriolis Effect
Gemi – Tokyo
MSC – You
Rodent – Jazz 101
Anzola & Sean Roman – End Of Saturday
Murder He Wrote – Plot Twist
Last Chariot – Let Me Know
Zoë Ferguson – Die Alone (Gold Hound Remix)

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