Garage n Bass That’s Heating Up – Episode 376 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

The sun’s on its way, futhermuckers! I am buggering off to Egypt after the next show and I CAN’T. FRIGGING. WAIT.
Get me to the pool!

Oh yeah, sorry for missing Saturday’s show. I was at a cock rock gig. So here’s a show I picked up instead, just so I can play you music. No, really.

One love


Track list

Steel Banglez – Man Like Me (feat. D Double E & Jaykae)
Isenberg & Savannah Low – Butterflies
BWK Project x SOULSTATE – Know You Better
KeyStep – Sad Ballad
Max M & Chris Willis feat. Della Ciprian – If This Is What it Feels Like (Blakk Habit Remix)
Gardna – Massive (PJ Bridger 2-Step Remix)
Gud Griff – Ante Dub
MGM Original – Samba
WZA – Get Over You
Subcurrent – Their Words
Chanteuse – If You Want Me (Jamie Hai VIP Mix)
Em:l – Closer (2-Step Mix)
Algo 2.0 – That Night
Darby x juuku – Reminisce
Atura – From Here
Hybrid Theory & Gandalf – Red Lights
Sempa – Down
Ed James feat. Britt Lari – Dancing By Your Side
Namani, Mazz & Zefer – Bounce
Jamie Hai & ettu – Oh Hai ettu
Gemi – In Luv
Kbubs – Body Language (feat. Alisa)
Kanetaker – Nostalgia
Fayawn – Runaways (KnightBlock Remix)
Nia Archives – Conveniency (Bakey Extended Remix)
Sam Binga & Bakey – Dem Boiz feat. Redders
MPH x Royal-T – Flatline
Vengaboys – We Like To Party! (Badger Fix-Up)
Pete and Bas – Sindhu Sesh (Fork and Knife Remix)
Thirtz – Bad Boy Sound
Plipfig – Find Ya
Tomy – Money
Yosh – Show Me
DJ Q – Close Your Eyes (Kanetaker Bootleg)
Bushbaby – No Good Bootleg
Oppidan – Follow Me
MPH x Royal-T – Compass
Mathman – Brukk
Daffy – Pulsar
Influenced Badly – Mr Whippy
Phonetix – Nice (Extended Mix)
Colombo – Nightmare
Blanilla x Laura Orian – Serenity
Villager – Every Single Time (Extended Mix)
Kishan & Arfa – Kicks
Flamage – Lose Your Time
Dejector – These Days (extended mix)
Maritime Yacht Club – Floating On A Star

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