Garage n Bass But It Gets Increasingly More Hectic – Episode 403 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Dis wan’s nuttier than a squirrel’s deuce. Rawlfulcawpter.

More like awfulcopter. Kill me.


Track list

Amara ctk100, Glimji, and Soak XP – One & Only
AMD – No Fear Dub
Kwengface & Giggs – Water (Thornz Bootleg)
Meroman – When It Comes To Love
Shantam – Step Ahead
MGM Original – Turn Up Time
Cathy Hobi – Let’s Go Crazy Tonight
Serena Dench – Lemon Lime (Rodent Remix)
SHRWM – Wastin’
Redlight – WHOA feat. Sweetie Irie
Taren Gopi – Baby! (Extended Mix)
Jamie Hai x Emma Cannon – Wanna Touch You (Extended Mix)
DJ TRIPZ, Trouble Within – Need U
NUZB & QuickBuck – Give All
Gemi – Faster
Krissi B feat. Kasia – Free
Systile – Strike It Up
The Deep & H4rdy – Taste (feat. Honey)
Taf – All Nite
IsGwan X Mak – Stay With Me (C Dub)
TKM – Color Your Night Dub
Jamie Unknown – Pressure
ance. & DRC1 – Nice N Easy
Darby – Trust (feat. Britt Lari)
Skrillex – In Da Ghetto (Sam Day 2AM Edit) [Extended]
Benga & Coki – Night (Kippo Edit)
Kenis – Swagga Dub
Kuren – Pop Em
SellRude – Tape Rock
Twook – Story
DubbleT & MC Kane – Action (Tuff Culture Remix)
Baker – Like a Bumbo (Original mix)
Daev – Bomboclat
Hard Drive – Deep Inside (Chuck Shadow & Fantom Freq Bootleg)
KegOne – Get Back Shadrack
Badger – German Whip
Tempa T x Zero – Watch The Skank (Extended Club)
Tomy – Coco
FM-3 & Pavane – Sound Them
Tarzi – Shoreditch
Domestic Disturbance – Bass Thief (Original mix)
Hitch.93 – Saxotech
mansaymo – Smooth Path
AndWahn – Learn The Hard Way
BirnaBeatz – Shy Boy
Indigo Swan – Morning
Toad – shrimpfarm
Kyong Sono – Tomao (Yuri Haal Remix)
Caius – U Got No Time (Loveboi Remix)

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