Brand new bass – Episode 059 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Big in the bass gameUpfront, brand new music as per this week. Trivial info for you – this week was my first week streaming from a Mac. Decided to dump my noisy tower for a Mac Mini. Because of this the levels get a bit toasty at the beginning so sorry about that.

There’s some nice new tunage out there at the moment. I’m preparing to put together a proper mix CD soon. Will put that together after my holiday which I’m taking this week.

Wow, all this personal info about me. How cool. I can share more stuff if you like? Like my height, weight, favourite pastimes and toilet paper preference? No? Okay then. Just listen to the riddos and I’ll shut the fuck up.

See you in 2 weeks for more Sub FM action. And if you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you check out my new sister podcast The Tube Train Tear-up.



Track List

Qualifide – Never Enough
Maverick Sabre – I Need (Zed Bias Remix ft. Doneao)
Hostage – Energise
Wachs Lyrical & Resketch – Break My Heart
Warrior One – 1996 Riddim
Teffa – Darkness & Light
Jook 10 – The Beginning
Redlight – Source 16
Mosca – Bax
DJ Para Feat Robbie Craig – Tell Me (Duncan Powell Remix)
Clement Marfo & The Frontline – Overtime ft. Ghetts (Royal-T Remix)
Whistla – ICU
Sneakbo – The Wave (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Duncan Powell – Nasty3
Mark Splinter – Vilnius
CRST – Vision 2K (Part 1) (feat Didz)
Frenzy – Take Her Flowers
Lung/Maxx Roach – Crisbuit
Monky – Hipster
Damu – Ridin’
Blackmass Plastics – Dead Inna Dis
Phono – ABAW 723
Fused Forces – Diamondz
Submerse – Agepoyo
Splintz – One 4 Me
Presk – Love Again
Horsepower Productions – Landslide Remix
Viers – Night
DJ Para – Just Cant Wait (original mix)
Huxley – Madatme (Original Mix)
Raven – Is It Real
8th Note – I’m Hurting (Bump Alliance Remix)
DJ Zinc – Hold On
Impact – The Cole Train
Kanji Kinetic feat Shiftee Moova – D Stomp (Resketch remix)
Mac Vs Wheylo Project – Take Me To The Dancefloor (WheyLo Project remix)
The Wideboys – Project Bassline
Oxide – Return To The Floor
Phonetix ft. Hot Minute, Michelle McKenna & RDubz – Take Ya’ Top Off (Brainz Special)
Aquadrop – Evolution
DJ Para Feat Robbie Craig – Tell Me (Danny Phillips Remix)
Brackles – Take Me Home
DEVolution – Good Love (‘Anthems Not Bangers’ Remix)

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