Like Man Won’t Leng You Down With Some UKG – Episode 111 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Like man won't leng you down“What’s with the guitar? Brainz thinks he’s at Glasto.”

Nice to know you have taste, Lojt.

Bit of a interesting show this time around. Lots of spacey, dreamy garage out over the past 2 week. So I got a real mixed bag for you. There’s a couple of first spins, including the aforementioned Lojt’s side project (aka deep howse 4 tha hunneys) going under the name D Brocker, the debut of another Orpheus:ldn joint entitled Lendi.

Enjoy the rim shots.


Track list

Subranger – Pray For Love
Koda & Bijou – Waking
Romeo Butcher – Captor
Ozaka – Drain
Lapis Lazuli – I Need You
Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Maribou State remix)
FrenchFire – South
Pest feat Audra Nishita – Elevation (King Dinosaur remix)
Sepia – Outbreak
Orpheus:ldn – Lendi
Jaw Jam – Long Night
ENiGMA Dubz – I Love You
Mr Beeb – New Day
Pikcha – Come Closer
D Brocker – Rollout
Disclosure – F For You (Original Mix)
MNEK Vs Disclosure – White Noise (Dots Per Inch Remix)
Made By Pete – Special Request (Original Mix)
Lojt – Untitled (It’s A Runcorn Thing)
Tymer, Shadow Child – 23 (Kry Wolf VIP)
DJ Haus (Uttu) – Cold As Ice
DJ Purple Rabbit – Moody
Llesca – Sharks (Checan 2 Sugars remix)
Wideboys – Addicted 2 The Bass (Sunship Remix)
Context – Small Town Lad Sentiments
Chemikal Recipe – Your Love
JLB – Kick It
Tuff Culture – Emotions
Sneakbo – Ring A Ling (Teddy Music Garage Remix)
Clueless – Heist
PJam – Flipside
Primate – Miscellaneous
Disordered – Thinking Bout You
D Fine / Alan & Pierre – Pixel (Mista Men remix)
Orpheus:ldn – A Picture (Vocal Mix)
Thorpey – Damage (DJ Deadbeat Remix)
Lojt – Your Ma
Kidnap Kid – Survive
123MRK – Untroubled
!tems – Oblique Waves
Mokujin & Tuna Fizz – SShh (London Lights Version)
Phaeleh – Here Comes the Sun (feat. Soundmouse)
Orpheus:ldn – Cronos Eats His Children

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