The Crazy Orange Jackal Loved Bass – Episode 162 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ



Had a properly crazy few weeks outside of music, including getting stuck in another country for 2 days! Anyway, I’m back with another show of pure, fresh-driven garage and bass.

Keep it livid.


Track list

Groofeo – Melting
Boogrov – Otido
Cellardore – Prove Your Love
MLÄ€NO & Niven Peacock – Gone
Himalia – If (feat Laurelle)
Marc Baigent, Element Z, Gee Martinez – Over Now (Original Mix)
Authr – Belief
Walka – O I Know (Original Mix)
Lido & CanBlaster – Superspeed
Full Spektrum – Superstar
Marvel Riot – Each Time I See You (Original Mix)
Lion Babe – Wonder Woman (Zed Bias Vocal Remix)
Shaheen – Opening Up
The D.A & Sabrina Summers – Changing (Moony remix)
Whistla – Love Is Joy
TC4 – Something About You
Cellardore – Power To The People
Hyve – Cloud 7
Raphaella – In the Dark (Zed Bias Remix)
Nu Dynamics feat DJ Masha & D.I.Y – Wanna B
Low Steppa – Troubles (Original Mix)
Kazumi Anzai – Frozen Shadow
Bromley – Relate (Hostage remix)
Fono – Real Joy (Original Mix)
Acaddamy – I’ve Been Waiting (Original Mix)
The Colonel – Might Just Work
Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (Aaron Jackson Remix)
Flava D – Good 4 U
Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec (Smokey Bubblin’ B’s 2 Step Mix)
Kry Wolf – Concrete
Rico Tubbs – Rule Dancehall Ft The Ragga Twins (Jay Robinson Mix)
M Dubs – Bump & Grind (MindOfaDragon Remix)
Hybrid Theory Ft. Trilla – Big Deal (Club Mix)
Bass Adjustment – Let In The Light (Conducta Remix)
Sly One – Influence
PVC – Sip Campagne
Fire Beat – ANA
Jason Laidback – Love Is A Bassline (original mix)
Skelecta & Hybrid Theory – Big Bad Wolf (Explicit)
Lethal Bizzle – Fester Skank (feat. Diztortion) (Preditah Remix)
Nina Wilde & 9 Bar – Dope Flow VIP
Hybrid Theory – Hormone Imbalance (Original Mix)
Save Link As – The Crow (Bass Mix)
Maya Schenk – Crying In My Arms (Conducta remix)
Native People – Tapes (Hybrid Theory Remix)
Solo 45 – Feed Em To The Lions
PVC – Got To Dance (Original Mix)
Frederique – Mainstream Gibberish
Hybrid Theory – Bad Bwoy
PVC – Deeper
Moony – Game Of Freaks
TuffCulture – It Could Be

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  1. Hey Brainz,

    Love the podcasts, great for finding new stuff and always fresh. Seriously cheeky request, I DJ about 8/9 times a month around Guildford area and I cannot for love nor money get my hands on Hybrid Theory & Trilla – Big Deal. Can you please point me in the right direction of a mailing list or similar I can get signed up to? Or, if your feeling generous, a copy would be sweet.

    Looking forward to the next Podcast!! (Perhaps you could squeeze in some Issac Christopher & That Guy – Fly Gal)


    • Mr Brainz

      Heya Seb,

      Cheers for the feedback. Appreciate it.

      Hybrid Theory sends me all his stuff directly. Your best bet would be to hit him directly to get added to his list.

      Not heard Fly Gal yet. Will check it out.

      Big up.


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