I’m So Fancy With My Garage Show – Episode 175 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

Iggy Eeeeez

Really enjoyed myself this week. Brand new beats as always. Not much to say other than I hope you like what you hear.

Until next time.


Track list

DJ HA – Touch Me (ft. The BassKitty)
Colorhythm – Polychrome
Phenom – Lay Figure
Sorrow – Qualm
London After Midnight – Left Behind
MindOfADragon – Get It Together
Dr. Shemp – If I Don’t Get It
Joya – I Like What You’re Doing To Me (Lojt Remix)
Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran – Lay It All On Me (Star One Remix)
Ltncy – The Ear
LUPR – Let Me See
99dB – Enough Of Your Games (Original Mix)
Lost Hustle – Around My Mind (Lost Hustle remix)
T2 – Heartbroken (Akubasa Bootleg)
Sigma & Diztortion ft. Jacob Banks – Redemption (MJ Cole Remix)
DKM – Feel The Funk
V.V. Brown – Shark In The Water (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
G.W.M – Reach For The Clouds (Cellardore Remix)
Carpainter – Brok Y
ONUKA – When I Met U (Kulakostas Remix)
TuffCulture – Confused
Bass Adjustment – My House (Cellardore Remix)
Bushbaby – O
Niko The Kid – All Right (CoolTasty ReKid)
MindOfADragon – Mind Games
BMV – Rub A Dub
Ill Phil & Lorenzo – Up To No Good
TuffCulture – Like No Other
Bassboy – TRUE
Joker – Qo, noS (PVC Bootleg)
Corporal F – Flunk
Diplo & Sleepy Tom – Be Right There (Flava D Bassline Mix)
Low Steppa & Taiki Nulight – Nu Jam
Cause & Affect – Cause & Affect – Get To The Chopper (MindOfADragon Refix)
TuffCulture – Hennessy
Nina Wilde & Abeyance – You’re Cute (Original Mix)
Joedan & Kontent – Ruggish
TIEKS feat. Dan Harkna – Sunshine (MJ Cole Remix)

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  1. Turns out youre not censored in China brainz, made the move over here a little smoother! Big shout out from Guangzhou will be spreading the bass

    • Mr Brainz

      That is awesome / hilarious. Big up, and thanks for listening!

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