¡Vamos Al Burdel Escuchar Algunas Garaje! – Episode 176 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

4fdff9fa634a4Hi kids! Do you like violence? Well try replacing it with garage.

At this point I have no idea why I write anything in here. No one reads it. I once put a finger in a monkey’s butt.


Track list

Alexandra – Hey Boy (Flawless Order and G Baffled Smoove Remix)
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Tobs Bootleg)
Mike D-fekt – The Test
Kazan – Halo
Sleezy – Dirt
Jerry Williams – Boy Oh Boy (Ramsey and Fen Club Remix)
Kindred Soul – Never Want (Cellardore Remix)
J Hus – Lean & Bop (Rude Kid Remix)
Disclosure – Jaded (Jammer Remix)
B1G PR0J3CT feat Chantelle Rowe – Denied
Kidd Kool – Kool Boy
MindOfADragon – Mind Games
Meridian Dan – Hot For Me Now (MJ Cole Remix)
TJ Lewis – Supermodel (Kindred Soul Remix)
DJ Fen – Catch Me Dub
Smokey Bubblin B Vs Janet Jackson – Black Eagle
Mike Millrain – Bound Someone (VIP)
Kazumi Anzai – Crystal Forest
Pat Banzee – A Million Faces
Therese – Put Em High Remixed (Mike Delinquent Dub)
MindOfADragon – Crush
Scales – Love Got Me High (UKG VIP Remix)
Smile Davis – The Light (The Next Room UKG Mix)
Spekktrum – New Funk (original mix)
C4 – Go Back (feat. JME)
The Door Policy – Growler (Hybrid Theory MK1 Mix)
Gilbino – Uneasy
Nina Wilde & Abeyance – Creep
DJ Q – Halloween
Hankook & Deenik – Love Music (Seven G remix)
MindOfADragon – Mr Brainz Dubplate
Mij Mack – Beer & Smoke (PVC Remix)
Lojt – Boomstick Riddem
Champion & Teresa – Red Light (Original Mix)
Holy Goof – Anyone
Nina Wilde & DopeKidJay – Ready
Mij Mack – Saturday
Mac Real – Dutty Dutty
C4 – Own Thing
Artful Dodger – Flex (Operator S Mix)
99dB – What Goes Around [VIP]
Tengu – Battle [Mofaux Remix]

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