Garage n Bass To Say Goodbye To Summer – Episode 384 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

That’s all she wrote. We had our sunshine. It’s now starting to get COOOOOLD. Before you know it you’ll blink, there’s skeletons everywhere and you’ll be thinking about what you need to buy your racist uncle for Christmas.

Time moves fast. Cherish every moment.


PS – Sorry for the weird scheduling, I went on a late holiday after the kids went back to school, so this is the show I would have played on the 9th Sept performed last Thursday. Enjoy 🙂

Track list

AlanP – L’ove You
Morty, X4 & Jax – Hasta Luego (feat. Messe)
Kalla – All I Know
Delight & Juiceman – I Try
Lovesome & Max9k – Timbo x Low Dub
Shadow Of Light – Garage 2.0 (feat. Tee Total)
Kylin Tyce – X26 PT.II
Dizzee Rascal – Sugar and Spice (feat. iLL BLU) (Extended Mix) (Dirty)
ZeroFG & Halana Roma – Runaway (ZeroFG Dub Mix)
Baker – Too Far
Peaky Beats – Ripto’s Rage
Backup Plan – Where You Go (Extended Mix)
AK92 – Paradise
GBSN – Out My Mind
GT – One Million (BWK Project Remix)
Disclosure – Purify (Scruz Edit)
In4mous Goose – Watching You
Purple Velvet Curtains – All This Time
Digital Koala x Miss Baas – Rise’n’Shine
BVNQUET x FooR x Melina Greene – You Know Me
Phrentic – Roses Are Red (Original Mix)
Efan & Clou – If You Don’t Know Dub
q100, ØZ, FLO – Triton
The Streets – Troubled Waters (Zed Bias UKG Main Mix)
Danga & Egnever – FE!N (Edit)
Warlok – Wicked Man
Vet3ranz – Complicated
BAKEY & Capo Lee – AM TO PM
Doktor Yok! – Uknow
Dos Bastards – Shell A Verse (Edit)
Skrillex – Leave Me Like This (Joxion UKG Switchup)
Code Breakerz – WAITING
DJ True – Night (Extended Mix)
ADuki – Keep On It
Gandalf – Higher Than You
Jamie Hai – Islands
Miyamoto – Bay Bridge
Gala, Michael Sparks – Freed From Desire (Digital Koala Edit)
Fork And Knife x Tigs – Wreck It
itsnotimportant – Excessive Dub
Freestylers & MC Spyda – My Sound (Tomy Remix)
After Hours – Elysium
Yaw Evans – Effra Road
Tchunami – Miss You (Original Mix)
Canary Yellow – only1
Keenan Mathias – Get Over
Trutopia – Tsarina Jewel
Eli Mich – Broke Another Heart (Today) (Extended Mix)

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